Secret Truth 2 Actors go overboard and take an unexpected step with slap-sex on recordings

Secret Truths 2 has been causing it since the recordings (Image: Press Release / Globoplay)

Secret Truths 2 is about to debut on Globoplay, but some behind-the-scenes information ended up reverberating this week on social networks.

According to columnist Patrícia Kogut, from the newspaper O Globo, the costumes team of the plot ended up running out of stocks of cufflinks available for sale in Rio and São Paulo.

Because of this, they had to buy the part in other states. During the filming, more than 300 splints were used and it was still necessary the arrival of more.

They can be used up to three times after being washed, but when used in scenes with water, they need to be discarded immediately.

The reason for the excess is the amount of sex scenes between almost all the characters. Camila Queiroz, for example, will have several spicy sequences with Romulo Estrela.

One of them takes place in the bathroom of a nightclub. There is another one on the street and yet another in a parking lot. It also has sadomadoist sequences with Gabriel Braga Nunes.

In this case, a double was used to avoid risks and possible pain for the actress. Recently, the Globe announced that Secret Truths 2 will debut on October 20th.

In a statement, the station also made it clear that the first chapter, inclusive, promises. It will be broadcast live on the platform, open to non-subscribers, at 9:30 pm on the 20th.

In addition, all scenes from the long-awaited premiere will be commented on by Globoplay networks and the cast, feeding the conversation with the audience. Furthermore, on this same day, the first 10 chapters will be available on the platform for subscribers.

“The telenovela is the most important and influential audiovisual product of Brazilian culture. On TV Globo she reached the peak in terms of narrative and aesthetics. Globoplay is now honored to be the first platform to receive a telenovela originally conceived for streaming, with everything this brings new artistic possibilities for our creators. It’s a gift to fans of the genre and to all our subscribers.” says Erick Brêtas, Globo’s Director of Digital Products and Services.

The plot brings, as in the first season, mystery, seduction, glamor and fashion luxury, as well as hot scenes between the characters.

The beginning takes place when Angel (Camila Queiroz) loses her husband Guilherme (Gabriel Leone) in a mysterious car accident. Meanwhile, Giovanna (Agatha Moreira) arrives in Brazil after spending a period in Paris.

In search of unraveling the mysterious death of her father Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi), the young woman seeks Angel to suggest that she would also have killed her cousin Guilherme, just as she would have done with the manager.

It is from this moment that a confrontation between the two begins and Giovanna decides, however, to put her rival in the chair to prove the death of Alex, whose body was never found.

For this, the young woman will count on the help of the investigator to participate Cristiano (Romulo Estrela), a charming young man who will end up getting involved with the two at the same time.

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