Short of money for the dentist, British extracts 11 teeth at home

posted on 10/08/2021 4:25 PM / updated on 10/8/2021 4:29 PM

  (credit: Personal archive - assigned to page not foud )

(credit: Personal archive – assigned to page not foud )

At 42, Briton Danielle Watts, from Suffolk, pulled 11 teeth on her own homeless. A little over 6 years ago, Danielle began to feel her teeth go soft and sought a dentist through the public health system, the NHS, but due to the long lines she was unable to access.

The years went by and, with the covid-19 pandemic, exams became even scarcer. With no money for private treatment and the pain getting worse, Danielle saw no option but to extract it herself.

In a newspaper interview Extra, Danielle explained that she doesn’t have any dental skills, that she did everything improvised out of necessity. Asked what was the problem with the teeth, Watts said that it was a disease in the gums and that the teeth themselves were not deteriorated.

Danielle extracted the teeth with pliers and said the process was simple due to the fact that they were practically loose. The remaining teeth are also not in good condition and will likely be extracted as well.

Teeth pulled for Danielle Watss
Teeth pulled for Danielle Watss
(photo: Personal archive – Reproduction / page not foud)

Now she needs dentures, and has said she will wait for help from the NHS as she cannot afford it.

Danielle’s disease is periodontal, which is characterized by inflammation and destruction of the gums and the bone that connects the teeth. A dentist explained to the Extra that with this bone loss, the teeth were held only by the gums, as are the milk ones, so the extraction was possible at home.