Sony launches ‘Perfect for PS5’ TV, focusing on images

One of the biggest reasons people buy Apple products is the integration between gadgets, which work beautifully together — AirPods, with the Mac and the iPhone and etc… That said, I always wondered why Sony didn’t invest in one. “ecosystem”, since it also has several types of products, such as PlayStation, TVs and smartphones (those nobody buys…).

This news today showed me that there is some integration between Sony products, at least in this part of games: the Bravia TV line launched its XR series for gamers, with the label “Perfect for PlayStation 5”.

According to Sony, Bravia XR televisions have “impossibly realistic images, full of vibrant colors and eye-catching contrast.” In addition, the company claims that “Screen Sound” technology makes gamers feel “in the middle of the action.”

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TV automatically switches to picture mode "Games" (Image: Sony/Reproduction)TV automatically switches to “Games” picture mode (Picture: Sony/Playback)Source: Sony/Reproduction

Unique Imaging Technologies

More than talking about “amazing images and sound”, Sony also brought special technologies for games in the Bravia XR line.

For starters, “Auto Genre Picture Mode” recognizes that you’ve plugged a PS5 into the HDMI and switches to “Games” mode as soon as you turn on the console. In this way, the TV works to minimize any lag and make images faster. If you go back to Netflix or something, the TV also goes back to “Movie” mode, processing each frame in more detail.

To top it off, Bravia XR televisions have 4K resolution and 120 frames per second.

Auto HDR automatically enhances images during gaming (Picture: Sony/Playback)Auto HDR automatically enhances images during gaming (Picture: Sony/Playback)Source: Sony/Reproduction

Another technology in this line is Auto HDR: TV settings are optimized in the initial PS5 setup, because the console automatically recognizes the TV and selects the best HDR for that model. Depending on your TV’s specific settings, the PS5 can adapt and show details even in high-contrast scenes — Sony showed an example in racing on the Gran Turismo 7.

The Bravia XR line was already announced in 2021, but Auto Genre Picture Mode and Auto HDR technologies are new for next year. According to Sony, they depend on TV and PS5 software updates. None of them are available for purchase here in Brazil — not least because the brand ended its activities in the country in March. If you feel like having a “perfect PS5” TV in your house, comment below.

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