The Farm 13: Pedestrians complain about lack of drinking at party

The Farm 13: Pedestrians complain about the lack of drinking at the party. Photo: Playback/PlayPlus

A little more than an hour after starting the Festa Cassino in “A Fazenda 13”, Record TV, the pedestrians have already left the track. One of the most extreme, erasmus he left it on the couch and there he stayed, sulking. A common complaint from pedestrians was the lack of alcoholic beverages. According to the pawn, you can’t have fun at a party where there’s nothing to drink. The production offered a few cans of beer and a few shots of spirits for the cast.

Of course, it didn’t take long for it all to end – and no one replaced the stock. There was still water, soda and, to the surprise of some, non-alcoholic beer.

“I like to drink enjoying it. It’s not for getting drunk. Now, without drinking, you can’t stay”, explained the businessman regarding the discouraged party for the participants.

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Right after he apologized to Rich Melquiades, Victor Pecoraro completed his friend’s comment, remembering his family and his wife’s outings. “When I go out with my wife, it’s five, six in the morning and we’re having a good time. Now there’s no way to drink, man!”, added Pecoraro.


Outside the house, Bil Araújo did not comment on the non-alcoholic beer at the party, just told his colleagues the news. The difference is that he was laughing as he spoke. Well, it’s not big news for a party of adults and people used to drinking alcoholic beverages.

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However, it wasn’t just that that shook the participants’ spirits: the songs. Waiting for a party full of funks and current hits to dance to, the peões faced classic country music, hits from the 1990s, 1980s and early 2000s. It could be a #TBT or something like that.

“The bad thing is that they put some songs that don’t even have anything for us to do!”, he analyzed MC GUI outside the house while talking to James Piquilo.


While the party didn’t really excite the pedestrians, Victor Pecoraro apologized to Rich Melquiades. At dawn this Saturday, October 9, the two left the party and went to the sofa where they talked. In tears, the comedian said he missed his friend, Erika – The dancer was the third eliminated of the season. To calm things down, Victor sat beside him and began to give his colleague advice.

At that point, he also apologized for the fight the night before. He gave a bottle of Alagoas, after throwing yogurt at the game rival’s head. In response, Rico also apologized for the shack he pitched right after his best friend left the dispute.

“I want this to end soon!”, asked the ex-On Vacation with the Ex. But Pecoraro ruled out the possibility. “It has to go to the end now. You can’t give up,” said Victor, stroking his friend’s head. In a humbler tone of voice, the actor apologized for the night before. “Excuse. Will you forgive me?” he launched. “Sorry too. Sorry about the coffee too”, replied the man from Alagoas.

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“I like you you know? I really like you! I’m just like a child. I fight but I like it! I’m glad you came back, you know?”, he said, talking about the Farmer’s Test. Then Rico remembered the shack once more when he threw coffee in the kitchen of the house. “Every action has a reaction, you know? If I hadn’t done that, you wouldn’t have played!” he recalled.

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