The Farm 13: Victor Pecoraro apologizes to Rico

In the headquarters room of “The Farm 13”, Victor Pecoraro apologize to Rich Melquiades. At dawn this Saturday, October 9, the two left the party and went to the sofa where they talked. In tears, the comedian said he missed his friend, Erika – The dancer was the third eliminated of the season. To calm things down, Victor sat beside him and began to give his colleague advice.

At that point, he also apologized for the fight the night before. He gave a bottle of Alagoas, after throwing yogurt at the game rival’s head. In response, Rico also apologized for the shack he pitched right after his best friend left the dispute.

“I want this to end soon!”, asked the ex-On Vacation with the Ex. But Pecoraro ruled out the possibility. “It has to go to the end now. You can’t give up,” said Victor, stroking his friend’s head. In a humbler tone of voice, the actor apologized for the night before. “Excuse. Will you forgive me?” he launched. “Sorry too. Sorry about the coffee too”, replied the man from Alagoas.

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“I like you you know? I really like you! I’m just like a child. I fight but I like it! I’m glad you came back, you know?”, he said, talking about the Farmer’s Test. Then Rico remembered the shack once more when he threw coffee in the kitchen of the house. “Every action has a reaction, you know? If I hadn’t done that, you wouldn’t have played!” he recalled.


Still patting Rico’s head, Victor assumed an advisory posture. He spoke of the consequences of his gamemate’s attitudes in the house. Despite not considering the grand prize of R$1.5 million, he highlighted the various possibilities of work that a positive exposure can bring. In addition, he vented by remembering that he cannot control the comedian.

“Let’s think about what might come out there. You can get other jobs. I’ve said it 500 times, I don’t even know what to do when you’re stressed out, man!”, he reflected. In response, Rico promised not to repeat behavior like he had the day before. “I won’t be stressed anymore. This week I’m going to indicate, next week I’m going to the farm. If I leave, I want to leave calmly”, he highlighted.

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To console his friend, Victor tried to remember that the elimination is up to the public. “It’s not us who take it off. It’s the public out there! Let’s do our best to at least get out of here and have good opportunities out there!”, he highlighted.


Rico Melquiades’ victory in the Prova do Fazendeiro in “A Fazenda 13” left the show house all messed up, leading to a conversation between Victor Pecoraro, Tati Quebra Barraco, MC Gui and Solange Gomes.

The actor then stated that he believes he is the next indication of the influencer for Roça next week, but if that does happen, he already has a revenge plan against the pawn.

“I’m just waiting for this direct indication [para a roça]. When he directs me, the next day I’ll wake him up with a bucket of water. I’ll say: ‘It’s because you don’t have a word. You said you were going to put me in the sheep’”, he said.

“Write what I’m telling you: on Tuesday, he’ll put me [na roça] by direct indication. Tuesday night, I’m going to give him a bucket of water. On top of him, wherever he is. In bed, on the sofa,” he promised.

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