The Farm: Mc Gui says they use his past to harm him

Farm 13: Mc Gui says they use his past to harm him. Photo: Playback/PlayPlus

A life full of controversies. Which is MC GUI collects over the last few times. At 23, the singer and now pawn of “A Fazenda 13” guarantees that Rich Melquiades uses the mistakes of his past to try to hinder his passage on the reality show on Record TV.

“When he attacks me, he brings the stuff from outside, he’s already done it twice, he doesn’t know what I went through, how much I fought and still fight today”, he said. Then completed by analyzing the behavior of haters and cancelers on social networks.

“I stress a lot: people who attack other people on the internet, this digital cancellation thing, I stress a lot that, maybe, they don’t want the person to go through what they are wanting. Maybe it’s something they see in themselves and want to transmit to others”, reflected the funkeiro.

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Also, during the conversation with James Piquilo, the singer claimed that his mistakes made him mature. So now he’s a different person than he was when he made mistakes like the video where he makes fun of a little girl with a wig at Disney.

“I evolved so much, I want to show people that what contributed to my evolution was my mistake. The internet makes people sick, it kills people and takes away the opportunity for the evolution of the human being”, he reinforced.

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In fact, Rico doesn’t miss opportunities to remind the singer what he did to the girl at Disney. In one of the several fights they had within the reality show, Gui accused him of being disrespectful, but the native of Alagoas recalled that he behaves similarly to those he had at the Amusement Park.

“If you treat your family the same, you treat others here [dentro], do you think it’s not disrespectful?”, pointed out Bill. “I treat the same as you did [a menina] out there. Canceled, right? Cancelled!” replied the comedian.


Despite being a milestone in his career, because he lost contracts and really tarnished his image in the advertising market, Gui was not only involved in a controversy. At the height of the pandemic, for example, the singer had to be removed from a poker house, which was closed due to security measures against Covid-19. At the time, spaces of this type were prohibited from functioning to avoid agglomerations.

The artist’s team spoke through a statement. “Unlike what is being shown, the place where the singer MC Gui was found was a poker house, which was closed by the Sanitary Surveillance, as a result of the decree to close public places”, he announced. Even so, it demonstrated how the funkeiro positioned himself in relation to the rules of social distancing.

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Furthermore, this was not the only climate in which the singer was involved during the pandemic. He prepared a birthday party that caused controversy among profiles on social networks. They even called him ‘without a clue’ because of the inappropriate event for the time.

Still, the milestone is the mistreatment with the seven-year-old girl on a train heading to Disney. The singer was strolling through the park when he came across the girl wearing a wig. Then, Bill recorded a video in which he laughed at the girl’s different hair.

At first, it was clear that the artist’s attitude was, to say the least, inappropriate in front of a child. As if that wasn’t enough, the family later claimed that she wore the wig because she was suffering from cancer at the time. Thus, the news only aggravated the funkeiro’s image crisis.

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