the number that predicts Atlético-MG champion in advance of Flamengo

Atlético-MG and Flamengo, the two main candidates for the title of the Brasileirão, take the field this Saturday. But the team alvinegro has history in its favor, as all teams that added 50 points in 23 games were crowned champions.

O brazilian have a full round this Saturday. leader, the Atlético-MG receive the Ceará in Mineirão. Second place, the Flamengo visit the strength in Castelão. But if it depends on the story, the dispute already has a likely outcome – and with rounds in advance.

Cuca’s team is at the top of the table with 50 points in 23 matches. Until today, in the history of running stitches, all teams that achieved such a score at that point in the championship ended up raising the cup. before the last round.

All repercussions, interviews, analysis and opinions of Atlético-MG x Ceará you can watch on SportsCenter, at 6:30 pm (Brasilia), by the ESPN on Star+. The complete post-game of Fortaleza x Flamengo, in turn, will be on Pass Line, at 9 pm (from Brasilia), also by ESPN on Star+.

The first of the teams to reach 50 points in 23 rounds was the São Paulo 2007, which had exactly that score. Rogério Ceni and Muricy Ramalho’s team ended up champion with 77 points against 62 in the vice saints.

The last of them was Flamengo, in 2019. Jorge Jesus’ team reached 23 matches with 52 goals and ended up being champion with 90 points, 16 more than runner-up Santos.

The Fluminense of 2012, cruise of 2013 and Corinthians of 2015 and 2017.

Clubs achieving 50 points in 23 games in the running points:

  • São Paulo in 2007: champion

  • Fluminense in 2012: champion

  • Cruise in 2013: champion

  • Corinthians in 2015: champion

  • Corinthians in 2017: champion

  • Flamengo in 2019: champion

  • Atlético-MG in 2021