Thiago Fragoso misses the day of recording, and ‘Caldeirão’ promises to be historic with Jonathan Azevedo; understand! | cauldron

Today is Saturday, Cauldron Day! But, calm down, it’s not yet the day of Thiago Fragoso’s participation 🤣! This Wednesday, October 6, the actor entertained fans on social media by telling that he got all dressed up with his wife, Mari Vaz, and — arriving at Estúdios Globo — discovered that he had missed the day of recording his participation! It happens, right, guys? 😂😂😂😂

“We found out I got mixed up and it was the next day… I’m really wrong, man… I have a master’s degree in glazing. kkkk @marivaz forgive me!!”, said the actor.

The networks of cauldron already alerted the following 👀:

And do you want to know what’s REALLY going to happen this Saturday, 9/10? It promises to be HISTORICAL! Want to understand? So just turn on 👇

In the ‘Cauldron’ this Saturday, 10/9, Marcos Mion welcomes comedian Fabio Porchat, actress Giovanna Lancellotti and their families at have or not have. As a joke, the two teams compete for 30 thousand reais and need to discover the most recurrent answers from 100 Brazilians to various everyday questions.

already in the turn up the sound the game is between Marcelo Serrado and Eri Johnson against Jonathan Azevedo and MC Chelinho, whose mission is to guess who are the artists hidden behind the screen, with tips from the band ‘Lúcio Mauro e Filhos’. The program also counts on the audience participation in ‘Mamã, Tô na Globo!’ and the presenter’s comments on important scenes from TV Globo’s programming, at ‘ Isto a Globo Mostra’.

And you know what is better? The Caldeirão social network promised that the program will be remarkable! Who out there is curious to know why? UUUUU! 🙋‍♂️🙋

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Take the opportunity to review everything that happened in the ‘Caldeirão’ last Saturday:

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