Tite confirms Neymar’s return, doesn’t announce who leaves the team and prepares more changes | Brazilian Team

The coach of the Brazilian men’s team, Tite, spoke for the first time that Brazil is classified for the World Cup in Qatar. In fact, he was a little wary of expression. Treated as “virtually classified”, with 27 points, absolute leader of the qualifiers.

Against Colombia can reach 30, high score for fourth place in the running points system – see below all ranked fourth since 1998. He said that Neymar returns to the team, but has not yet announced who leaves the team. He can serve one of the two forwards – Gabriel Barbosa or Gabriel Jesus – or remove one of the midfielders – Gerson, Lucas Paquetá or Everton Ribeiro.

Tite, coach of the Brazilian team, at a press conference — Photo: Reproduction

– We delayed the interview a bit because it’s 66 hours of recovery time. Our work does not allow us to save anyone, but to have athletes in full conditions for the game. Neymar is back, yes, but I won’t anticipate it. There are other changes to take place. In the last game we had a time zone of 7:00 for many athletes. It’s not an excuse, but it has performance oscillation caused by it. Imagine you have breakfast, lunch, everything out of order… But now we’re going to reward fully recovered athletes – commented the coach.

Tite returns to lead training on the field this Saturday afternoon, now in Barranquilla. The activity is scheduled for 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm Brasília time, at the Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez stadium, the stage for Sunday’s game.

Colombia and Brazil face off at 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm Brasília time – with different goals. The Colombians need the victory to get out of the repechage zone – they are in fifth place with 14 points. There are 13 less than Brazil. The leader, with 100% success, will try for the tenth victory in a row.

The coach recalled the duel against Colombia in Copa América, when Brazil turned the game around at the end, in a nervous game – with seven yellow cards – and with a goal by Casemiro – absent from that call – in stoppage time.

– The greatness of the Brazil x Colombia games brings quality, competitiveness. Last game exceeded, but not the default. Two teams with technical quality. Our phase is not to be ranked mathematically, but virtually, and can be ranked mathematically in this round.. Difficulty is quite big, opportunity for young athletes. Phase we are in, process we are in. Within this process, shoot these young people. Field speaks. Some good moments, some irregular moments, but getting the final result, which is very difficult. That’s why the recognition

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In addition to the return of Neymar, it is possible that the coach will give new opportunities to players who started well in the last match, such as Raphinha, the best on the field, or Antony. With nine games as a starter, Danilo can give way to Emerson, who participated in the last game.


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See more of Tite’s press conference:

Qualification Evaluation

– The question is quite comprehensive. These are phases of structuring, composition of the team. Playoffs begin with performance, result for classification. At this stage, we begin to have opportunities for young people who are on the Olympic team and are consolidating in their teams. On this occasion, the coach sometimes doesn’t have the best performance in the field, due to several factors. Then the athletes who are out come in, the performance grows, and then it alternates performance, but it maintains solidity. For you to score goals. In a subsequent phase, so that it has a base, a formed group, and then prepare specifically for the World Cup. This is the idea.

Concern for Luis Díaz

(Cesar Sampaio) – We recognize the opponent’s technical quality. He scored the most beautiful goal in the Copa America. It is one of the strengths. We have our balance. Purpose was creation and completion and completion. Work on these factors and without losing solidity. It’s one of the strengths, one of the players that we have to pay close attention to. We train for this, we have our model. Each game calls for an offensive and defensive specificity. We hope we can neutralize it and with defensive security

Lack of great players like Casemiro and Cuadrado

– A Brazilian team cannot, with all due respect to everyone who is out, and I am demanding in this regard, deal with lack… We have to have sufficient capacity and athletes so that they can produce well. Serves for Brazil, for Colombia. You have to give Fabinho peace of mind, which will continue

(César) – Cuadrado is a reference, replacements are always up to date, in our preparation we are very attentive to possible changes. We have to respect, qualified team, in Copa America we won in the last action of the game. This game itself gets 100% of our attention. Heavy strategy game, against historic coach, with passage in Brazil, knows Brazilian football. We expect a strong game, Cuadrado is an important player, but Colombia is not weakened.

– When you put high pressure on this action, 4-1-3-2, Gerson, Fred, Edenilson, working from the inside and two more centralized attackers. When it comes to medium pressure, it stays that way. If that ball enters the defensive phase, the line of three lines up and is left with two lines of fours and two center attackers. This is the idea.

– Phases and stages we know very well, you are aware of the whole process. In this process, we provide opportunities for young athletes, the game fluctuates. It is inevitable that you have and it is important that you have given these athletes these opportunities. It’s up to us to fix it in the game. With little training time, chemistry. As much as you have the reference of what happens at the club. But sometimes it surprises, as the performance of Arana, Raphinha, Antony happened. It’s surprising, it’s not the default. But the whole context, an already pre-classified team, the spirit of the more experienced athletes, provides conditions for the younger ones. This is the process to start defining the team and working towards the World Cup. This is the stage we are at.

– I don’t like to use the term test. But I understand and put it as an opportunity. Athletes, with the level they have, are already sufficiently tested in their clubs. Compete fairly. Casemiro isn’t here, but Fabinho is playing. I encourage this kind of competition fairly.

(César) – Of course, these athletes who come with an Olympic title bring this good performance as a security guard. Tite, in one of the last meetings, how much positive performance in the Olympics can soften this debut. And in the last game, Antony ended up not only participating, but scoring a goal. Arana debuted, but it looked like he already had minutes. Brazil gains a lot from this, we are very happy with this moment. Tite has a maxim of not moving too much in the team, because a very changed team can lose the connection. We are careful, we are happy with the options.

See below the score of the quarters placed in the heats in the running points system:

  • 2018: Colombia – 27 points
  • 2014: Ecuador – 25 points (Brazil did not compete, as it is host)
  • 2010: Argentina – 28 points
  • 2006: Paraguay – 28 points
  • 2002: Paraguay – 30 points
  • 1998: Chile – 25 points (Brazil did not compete, being the last champion)