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When she takes the stage, singer Lexa becomes the center of attention. In front of thousands of fans, he dominates the microphone, dances to the choreography and is not intimidated by the status of the main star of a show. The artist’s nervousness occurs in a situation of apparent tranquility: watching television with her husband, MC Guimê. The adrenaline kicks in when she sees her friend Mackenzie Dern, a UFC fighter, inside the octagon.

Mackenzie and Lexa (center) traveled together this year — Photo: reproduction/Instagram

Ultimate fan, Lexa tells, in an exclusive interview with Combat, that the tension is enormous when the multi-time jiu-jitsu champion enters the cage. And that’s what will happen in this Saturday’s UFC main event, in Las Vegas (USA), when Mackenzie and the gaucho Marina Rodriguez will face each other at straw weight.

– I have the heart of this nervous size. Every time I watch Mackenzie’s fights I almost have a thing (laughs). It hurts her, but it hurts me so much when I see a blow coming in, something happening, I’m sorry in my heart. I love her. It’s love, it’s like you saw a relative getting beaten up, it’s distressing, torturing (laughs). You enter the octagon together – declared Lexa, whose relationship with the fighter began with Guimê’s friendship with Dern’s husband, surfer Wesley Santos.

Although her schedule is full of appointments, Lexa is used to following UFC events very hard. In fact, the singer often exchanges ideas with Mackenzie about her opponents.

– I did judo as a child, nowadays I only hit gauntlets. I see the UFC, I know everything. Sometimes, I even think: “Who will the UFC put? Who will they choose?” When I saw that the fight would be against Marina, I said: “Mackenzie, go ahead”. Marina is competent and talented. But Mackenzie is my champion, my star.

Owner of a successful career in jiu-jitsu and building her trajectory in MMA since 2016, Mackenzie says she likes to hear her friend’s opinion because she’s someone outside the middle. Despite the physical distance – Dern lives in the US, while Lexa lives in Brazil – they are always in touch.

– I send a message to her: “Hey, friend, what do you think about this fight?”. Guimê and she watch a lot. I ask her opinion as she is a person who doesn’t fight, but who follows everything. I like to know the vision. It’s really cool. When I go to her house, we practice a little jiu-jitsu. She’s good at judo, has some aggressive punches. It’s a really cool friendship – detailed the athlete, who enjoyed a vacation with Lexa and the influencer Rafaella Santos, sister of Neymar, in Cancun, Mexico, in July this year.

Singer and fighter meet whenever schedules allow — Photo: reproduction/Instagram

For this weekend’s fight, Lexa believes in a submission by Mackenzie Dern. A fifth consecutive victory at Ultimate would bring the black belt closer to an unprecedented title fight. And the singer has no doubts that this will happen soon.

– Mackenzie has been growing a lot in the standup game, she proved that in her last two fights. She is the phenomenon on the ground, but she can surprise and go for the knockout. I don’t doubt it, no, because the fag is dangling. But a submission would be a nice result. She is very well known in jiu-jitsu, she was going to teach a class finishing on the floor. It’s going to be a fight. Marina, I have a lot of affection for you, but excuse me there. Just like your mom, your friends and your cousins ​​are rooting for you, I’m here on Team Mackenzie.

– Mackenzie is very talented, she is not there for nothing or for fun. I have no doubts that she will be champion one day, that this belt will be in her belly. We’ll scream a lot, I’ll celebrate, cry like a baby, because my friend is sensational in every way, as a woman, as a fighter and in everything she does.

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O Combat broadcasts “UFC Dern x Rodriguez” live and in full with exclusivity this Saturday, from 2:50 pm (GMT) with “Aquecimento Combate”. O Combat YouTube channel it’s the Combat.com show the first two fights live, and the website follows the event in real time.

UFC Dern vs Rodriguez
October 9, 2021, in Las Vegas (USA)
MAIN CARD (5 pm, Brasília time):
Strawweight: Mackenzie Dern x Marina Rodriguez
Welterweight: Randy Brown vs. Jared Gooden
Flyweight: Tim Elliott vs. Matheus Nicolau
Flyweight: Sabina Mazo vs. Mariya Agapova
Bantamweight: Chris Gutierrez vs. Felipe Cabocão
PRELIMINARY CARD (3:00 pm, Brasília time):
Heavyweight: Alexandr Romanov vs. Jared Vanderaa
Featherweight: Charles Rosa vs. Damon Jackson
Strawweight: Lupita Godinez x Silvana Gomez Juarez
Lightweight: Charlie Ontiveros vs. Steve Garcia Jr.

Female Duel of Brazilian Squadron Live and Exclusive in Combate! — Photo: Combat

Female Duel of Brazilian Squadron Live and Exclusive in Combate!