‘Vacilão do c…, it’s been a month since he played soccer at my house’

The old feud between Romário and Edmundo was rekindled over the past week, when Animal said, in an interview with the podcast Intelligence LTDAi, that Shorty is ‘vainful’ and ‘egocentric’.

After poking his ex-partner in an interview with UOL and in publication in the Instagram, the eternal shirt 11 gave a new statement, this time to the channel Rich Perrone, where he gave a zero grade to Edmundo and clarified that the fight was not his.

“That doesn’t exist, we had our problems back there. Do you have to talk to me (to end the problem)? We play footvolley together on the beach, for and against. The guy goes to my naked at my house, to my review at my house, after 15 years he keeps sending these lyrics? This is a c** thing, c*** vacillation,” he said.

“For me, we were great, always talking to each other. I was, I don’t think we’re going anymore now. We met at the beach for three weeks, a month or two he went to my house to play football, about four months he went to my house review. What is this repression? I never had a problem, it was always him”, he added.

Romário and Edmundo acted together for Vasco da Gama, Flamengo and Brazilian Team, accumulating exchanges of barbs between them. One of the most remarkable was in 2000, at Cruzmaltino.

After a disagreement before the penalty kick, Romário called his partner a ‘court jester’ in an interview with TV Globo