Voter of Bolsonaro, patient says he purged ‘after the anguish’ when denouncing Prevent in the CPI – 10/08/2021 – Balance and Health

“The last sequel I had was an anguish that I let out yesterday,” says lawyer Tadeu Frederico de Andrade, 65.

The day before, Wednesday (7), he told Covid’s CPI senators that if he is alive today to tell his story, it was only because his family “fought against this powerful corporation called Prevent Senior”.

He accuses the health operator, target of the commission, of having tried to interrupt his treatment against Covid-19 without giving him time to recover from a serious condition of the disease. “They fought for me not to die. They, my family, did not accept the imposition of so-called palliative care, which was the practice used by Prevent Senior to eliminate high-cost patients.”

“It did me a lot of good to take this weight off my conscience”, says Andrade one day after detailing to senators how, a month after being hospitalized, his daughters were sought by the medical team: the hospital wanted to transfer him to the so-called palliative care unit .

“In other words, I would leave the ICU, go to a so-called hybrid bed and there, according to Dr. Daniella [da rede Prevent], greater dignity and comfort, and my death would occur in a few days”, the lawyer narrated in Congress. “I would be…I would be given a morphine bomb, and all my survival equipment in the ICU would be turned off. Even if I had a cardiac arrest, I would have a recommendation not to have resuscitation.”

According to Andrade, a Prevent medical team used data from an elderly woman to try to convince her two daughters and one of his sisters to accept the transfer. “From the chart in my hand, I had a pacemaker, I had serious arterial comorbidities and that, finally, I was very old. But this chart was not mine, it belonged to a 75-year-old lady. I don’t have a pacemaker, the only one thing I have today is high blood pressure, I’ve always had high blood pressure.” He wasn’t conscious at the time.

The lawyer was hospitalized for 120 days, was intubated twice, underwent several hemodialysis sessions, had bacterial pneumonia and cardiac arrhythmia, and had a tracheostomy. “However, today I am here alive and in good health.”

“I think the CPI is just the beginning,” he tells the story. “I hope the Public Ministry of São Paulo condemns those responsible.”

Andrade has already filed his complaint with the agency. He also says that he sought out two PT members, councilor Antonio Donato and state deputy Paulo Fiorilo, to offer their collaboration in possible CPIs investigating Prevent in the City Council and in the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo.

Yes, two petistas. And? “The ideological part is the one that interests me the least, because I don’t consider myself a militant”, says the lawyer. If it were, it wouldn’t be on the left, by the way.

“I’m on the right, I’m conservative. I voted for him [Jair Bolsonaro] for lack of another option.”

The lawyer reckons that the man who got his vote in 2018 “tumbled on the ball at several points” and that “the pandemic was something he jumped into.” The defense of chloroquine, a drug proven to be ineffective to treat the new coronavirus, “was shot in the foot.”

In his medical record, it is said that he received flutamide, which he says happened without permission from family members. At CPI, he remembered the episode. “And flutamide, I discovered, after I was discharged, that it is a medicine for…” At this time, Senator Otto Alencar (PSD-BA), who is a doctor, helps him: “It is a medication used for prostate cancer ”. No certified use to Covid.

A dossier delivered to the CPI conveys a message in which Fernando Oikawa, director of Prevent, speaks of the remedy as a protocol: “Good duty everyone and I emphasize the importance of prescribing Flutamide 250 mg every 8 hours for all patients admitted to hospital. We are very excited about the improvement of the patients”.

Andrade told congressmen that his relatives, “distrusting the structure of Prevent Senior”, hired a private doctor to supervise the internal procedures. “Because, even though I was in the ICU and had not started palliative care, my family no longer trusted the structure. And this doctor was a true supervisor of the procedures. I think I’m also alive because of him.”

“Repent is a difficult word for us to speak”, he answers when asked about the choice he made at the ballot box. “It’s already gone. It won’t make a difference. I almost died. Was it because of him? No. Indirectly, it can be. Maybe yes, maybe not. It’s not up to me to do this investigation.”

Andrade is more interested in seeking justice not only for himself, but for everyone who lost someone because of the health operator’s supposed criminal posture.

“Well, I don’t have any formal power of attorney to speak on behalf of the hundreds or perhaps thousands of fatal victims and also their families, but I believe I have a moral power of attorney, a civic power of attorney to speak on behalf of many victims who don’t now they have more voice,” he said at the CPI.

The lawyer says that the zeal for finances motivated the attempt to move him from the ICU. With 1,398 exams done and more than ten hemodialysis sessions, he calculates that it must have cost the operator up to R$ 600 thousand.

In notes about the complaints against her, the company said that the documents held by Covid’s CPI “were visually manipulated and used out of context” and that, in Andrade’s particular case, “it gave full support to the patient, complying with the wishes of the relatives”.

THE sheet the lawyer says he has a feeling of mission accomplished after his visit to Brasília — he is proud of having traveled alone, which for him proves his good physical condition months after his ability to survive was put in check. “We light a fuse that will explode at the Public Ministry.”

He has had the Prevent Senior plan for eight years and says he hasn’t canceled it. He blames the operator’s board for what happened to him and calls other health professionals such as nursing assistants, nurses, ICU doctors and physiotherapists “real heroes”.

For being here today, in good health, he says he thanks “God, my family and the doctors on the front lines”.