William Bonner is expected to retire from Jornal Nacional ‘soon’

Who has never thought or even responded to the famous “Good night” of William Bonner in Jornal Nacional, on TV Globo? Well, the date is not known for sure, but the journalist’s presenter has already announced that he should retire soon.

Bonner answered a series of questions on Jornal Nacional’s official Instagram account and, when asked how he sees JN 10 years from now, Bonner had fun and said he shouldn’t be in front of the journalist.

“I’ll definitely see it from home because I don’t intend to be that old presenting JN. I will be 67 years old. Guys, the uncle has to rest too. Let’s go slowly, right?” he said, laughing.

In the chat, he even killed a fan’s curiosity, who asked if he could go to the bathroom or drink water during the reports.

“Sometimes there’s time, when there’s a very long story, but I think in my whole life I must have done it twice. I must have been very tight”, concluded.

He also responded about his stubble, which he’s been featuring for a few months on JN.

“I couldn’t take any more shaving. I spent all these years shaving. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t need to do this anymore,” he said.

Contract renewal with TV Globo

After long conversations, William Bonner decided to renew the contract with TV Globo for another four years. He has been in charge of the newspaper for 25 years.

William, who had complained of tiredness and fatigue and his desire to leave the network, ended up being persuaded to renew. “William’s average salary was 800,000 a month. Now it will be 1 million and 800 thousand reais per month, which will add up to 86 million in four years, until 2025.

Plus, Bonner will still have some perks. The station is starting to finance his private security, he will have a break during the week when he asks for it, and he will have an assistant editor to help him edit the Jornal Nacional”, said journalist Alessandro Lo-Bianco.

Renata Vasconcellos also had the contract renewed, according to Lo-Bianco.

Sandra Annenberg and Chico Pinheiro are also guaranteed until 2025.


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