William Bonner says he doesn’t want to spend another ten years on the bench of ‘JN’: ‘The uncle has to rest’ – Emais

William Bonner on the bench of the 'National Newspaper'.

William Bonner on the bench of the ‘National Newspaper’. Photo: Reproduction/Globe

The official profile of National Newspaper on Instagram did an interaction between followers and anchors William Bonner and Renata Vasconcellos answering internet users’ questions. The result was a video published on the morning of Friday, 8, in which the journalist reveals that he does not intend to spend another ten years on the bench of the main news program of the Globe.

A follower asked how Bonner sees the JN ten years from now. The sincere response of the journalist, who has been presenting the program for 25 years, exposed his desire to rest.

“Well, ten years from now, I’ll definitely see it from home! Because I don’t intend to be at that age presenting the JN. I will be 67 years old! Guys, the uncle has to rest too. Let’s go slow, right?”, said the editor-in-chief of the newscast.

The presenter has been on TV news since 1996 and has already shared the bench with Lilian Witte Fibe, Fatima Bernardes, Patricia Poet and Renata Vasconcellos, the latter since 2014. Before that, he went through Jornal Hoje, Jornal da Globo and Fantastic.

Renata also told what to expect for the JN ten years from now: “Relevant, fundamental and bringing professional journalism to every Brazilian citizen”.

In the video, Bonner tells why he kept a beard when he returned from vacation. The journalist said that he wore a beard when he was a student, but he took it off since he started working in television. “I couldn’t stand to shave anymore. I spent all these years shaving myself. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t need to do this anymore because it was a huge waste of time,” he said.

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