”With the girls I love”

Lan Lanh made a lovely video where she appears enjoying a romantic moment with Nanda Costa

This Friday, 8, Lanh (53) decided to use their social networks to show a romantic moment that they lived with Nanda Costa (35).

The percussionist published a video where she appears dancing hugging her wife to the sound of Every Friday, song of Belo Velloso (50).

In the caption, she wrote part of the song’s lyrics: “Every Friday. Every corner is holy. And every account. Every drop. Every wave. Every girl. All income. Every Friday Everyone is from Bahia Jun… To

Then she melted for her family, as Nanda is pregnant with twins: “Friday with the girls I love and to the sound of the wonderful Belô Velloso singing beautifully this beautiful song

Nanda then replied to her beloved: “What a delight to Friday and be from Bahia together with you! I love you morning

Quickly, the artist’s followers started to comment on the post: “Loves!” said one. “Too wonderful!”, wrote another. “What a wonderful Friday!“, spoke a third.

Check out the romantic moment that Lan Lanh lived with Nada Costa:

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