Worlds 2021: RED Canids loses to PEACE and is eliminated from the LoL Worlds

THE RED Canids lost to the PEACE at the Worlds 2021 and ended his trajectory in the tournament. The two teams played an MD5 series this Friday (8) and the team from Oceania got the better of it, winning 3-2 and eliminating the Brazilians from world of loL.

Game 1

The first match started balanced between the two teams, who exchanged many kills. Until the mid game the gold was tied, but for a while Peace took the advantage. RED controlled well the goals of the map, and in the 31st minute with Barão in hand, invaded the enemy base, won the fight and secured the GG.

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game 2

PEACE was not shaken and even chose the same composition, unafraid of Titan’s Ezreal that they had caused in the last game. The Oceania team managed to learn from their mistakes and ran over the Brazilians, with emphasis on Tally and her Sylas. PEACE secured the victory in the 27th minute and tied the series.

Game 3

In the third game PEACE surprised with the choice of Poppy for the upper lane and Aatrox for the mid. The composition worked and the team managed to combine kills during the game and goals to open a wide advantage in gold. In the 26th minute they invaded the base of the pack and gave the GG, being one victory of the classification for the next MD5.

Game 4

RED Canids went all or nothing in the fourth game and opted to replace Grevthar with Avenger, whose last game was still in the CBLOL Group Stage. The change worked and the mid laner already arrived with “blood in their eyes”, creating several plays and helping the pack to massacre PEACE. The pack dominated from start to finish and won in the 24th minute, taking the decision to the fifth and final game.

Game 5

The fifth and final game started off badly for RED, which took an invasion in its red and ended up giving a kill and losing five summoner spells. PEACE abused this to put pressure on the bot and, at the same time, nullify Camille do Guigo, who came to be two levels behind her route opponent.

Little by little, the team from Oceania increased its advantage, and after 21 minutes it had accumulated more than 10 thousand in gold. At 22 minutes, the Oceania team guaranteed the Barão and won a fight in the middle lane, using the advantage to give the GG and finish the series.

Check out the stats of the match between RED Canids and Peace here on Mais Esports.

RED Canids Aegis - Worlds 2021
RED Canids was defeated by PEACE at Worlds 2021 and is eliminated from the tournament (Photo: Divulgation/LoL Esports)

PEACE will play against Cloud9 on Saturday (9) and the winner advances to the Worlds 2021 Group Stage. Check out the full coverage of the LoL Worlds here on more sports and also on our Youtube channel, which will have daily videos of the tournament.