Young says boyfriend cheated on her with her mother while she was giving birth in hospital

A 21-year-old girl from Leamington Spa, about 150 km from London, England, went viral on TikTok when she told that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with her mother while she was in hospital giving birth to their baby. Alyssa-Mae Harrison says she and her ex were together for seven years when she cheated on her with her mother three years ago. The information is from the British Mirror website.

“The beginning of my relationship with Ryan was amazing. He was romantic and we couldn’t stand being apart. But then it got toxic. He cheated on me several times, but I kept forgiving him and believing he would change. He used to cry and beg me to stay. I felt sorry for him. But in February 2018, I was rushed to hospital with severe contractions. I called Ryan and he didn’t answer the first few times until I finally got it. He told me something had happened so he wouldn’t make it in time. He came later that night to visit me and the baby at the hospital and he did well. I didn’t notice anything strange at that time. We returned home and lived a normal life for a while”, begins the young woman’s story.

She continues: “I only found out two years later. My neighbors showed me surveillance camera footage that shows my mother constantly walking in and out of my house when I wasn’t there, which made me suspicious. Then I found messages from the two, with nude photos and details and dates of the incidents, including the birth. I confronted him and he confessed. I felt heartbroken, betrayed, a failure. I blamed myself for months,” says Alyssa-Mae.

She says she had the courage to sever relations with her mother and Ryan in November 2020, immediately after discovering the alleged betrayal. “As soon as I found out, I packed Ryan’s stuff and threw it on the porch and told him to go away,” he says.

Alyssa-Mae has already gone on with her life and is pregnant again, from another relationship. To the Mirror, the young woman’s mother said that her daughter had become a compulsive liar, and denied the story. Her ex-boyfriend was also contacted, but did not comment on the matter.

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