10 Facts About Venom

venom is back in theaters in Venom: Time of Carnage and Marvel fans know that there is a lot of material to explore with this character yet. With the prospect of more sequels and a potential appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to the multiverse, comics could hold the key to Venom’s future on screen.

venom is the product of many comic book creators over many years, each contributing their own elements to the character, making his evolution at Marvel one of the most dynamic and unique. From supervillain to cosmic hero, Venom’s story continues to spawn new dimensions for fans. And today, we bring you 10 facts about him.

10 – The black uniform

It all starts during the saga secret wars, when Spider-Man finds an organic black suit that molds itself according to his mind and can be transformed into any type of clothing. Of course, Peter Parker finds this extremely comfortable, and when he returns to Earth he continues with the new look.

However, he soon discovers, with the help of the Fantastic Four, that his seemingly harmless black suit is actually a sentient alien symbiote who is using his body as a host, and has no intention of letting go. That’s when Peter, and us readers, discover that the symbiote has a great weakness to sound, and so Spider-Man manages to get rid of the alien using the bells of a church. But his nightmare was far from over.

9 – Eddie Brock

And then we go to Eddie Brock. Brock was a journalist for Globo Diário, who was receiving alleged information from the sin eater, a serial killer that was terrorizing New York. Brock then ran the criminal’s story on Globo Diário as he asked, getting a scoop for the paper, and then divulged the Sin Eater’s identity in a story that turned him into a journalistic sensation. He was on top of the world.

However, this supposed Sin Eater was just a madman pretending to be the criminal, something that was revealed when Spider-Man captured the real serial killer. Brock then loses everything. He is fired from the Daily Globe, becomes a joke and an outcast who is not hired by any newspaper, his marriage to Anne Weying collapses and she asks for a divorce, and he moves to a tiny apartment in the Bronx, where he spends his days of working out and feeding his hatred for Spider-Man.

Brock’s hatred makes him think about taking his own life, but being very Catholic, he decides to go to church to ask God’s forgiveness for his suicidal thoughts and for the uncontrollable hatred he can’t stop feeling. It is at this moment that the symbiote, who was still hiding in the church, feels Brock’s hatred for Spider-Man and joins him, becoming venom.

8 – “Father” of Carnage

Venom had several confrontations with Spider-Man, and in one of these the symbiote was separated from Eddie Brock, who ended up sharing a prison cell with Cletus Kasady, a psychotic serial killer. As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for the symbiote to break into the prison and free Brock, but he unwittingly left behind a small part of himself: a “son”. For those who don’t know, symbiotes reproduce asexually, and Venom ended up leaving his puppy there.

The seed ended up entering Cletus Kasady’s bloodstream through a wound, transforming him into mortal Carnage. He escapes from prison and begins a new series of murders, writing the name “Carnage” on the walls in blood. Obviously, it didn’t take long for him to run into Spider-Man, but the web-head proved no match for the new enemy. With no options, the Spider ends up making a truce with Venom, as the two now have a common enemy. Finally, Carnage is defeated with a sonic weapon, as the symbionts’ biggest weakness is their high frequencies.

7 – It gave rise to other symbiotes

In addition to Carnage, Venom has had other “children” over the years. It all starts when a government organization known as Life Foundation manages to capture Venom and takes him to a secret laboratory in the California Desert. There Venom is forced to create 5 seeds, which are incubated giving rise to five new symbiotes, his new “children”.

Are they: Riot, lasher, phage, Shout and Agony. Each of these symbionts were then assigned to five Foundation security agents, whether police officers, soldiers or even mercenaries, and their personalities had a great influence on their behavior and the forms they took.

The five symbiotes, under the command of the Life Foundation, were enemies of Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider and Venom himself and after several fights, they were defeated and taken to the Balsa, the prison for supervillains. However, these five creatures would still unite in a single being, known as “Hybrid”. But that’s another story.

6 – Brains and… chocolate?

The symbiote Venom has a raging hunger for brains, and unlike the movie theater version, Eddie Brock has no problem letting his symbiote satisfy the hunger. But generally with criminals, of course, after all he is the “Lethal Protector”. Venom has some twisted form of morality, mind you.

However, he doesn’t often have criminals to devour, so one element from the ’90s comics helped alleviate that hunger for brains: chocolate. It turns out that what the symbiote really needs to feed is a specific substance generated by the brain, the phenethylamine, a compound that positively affects mood and that the symbiote needs to live – after all, it can’t produce the amount it needs on its own. And it turns out that chocolate is also a food rich in phenethylamine, which automatically makes it a brain substitute. Yes, the symbiote has a strange diet.

5 – Originally, Venom would be a woman

Originally, writer David Michelinie wanted Venom to be a woman. The original idea was that Venom would be a pregnant woman whose husband was killed when a taxi driver ran over him after being distracted by Spider-Man. She would then lose the baby after going into labor at that time.

This is obviously a much more tragic story than Eddie Brock’s, but the reason for the change was not because it was too tragic for its target audience. In fact, the reason behind the abandonment of this story was much more bizarre. Then-Marvel Comics editor Jim Salicrup considered that a woman would not be an interesting opponent for Spider-Man, so he asked Michelinie to turn Venom into a man. Thus came Eddie Brock.

But of course, that didn’t stop a Venom Woman at the back end, when Brock’s ex-wife Anne Weying ended up becoming the symbiote’s host on a few occasions.

4 – Scorpio

Although Mac Gargan is more commonly known as the Scorpion, he actually bonded with the symbiote for a few years, even posing as Spider-Man during the dark reign by Norman Osborn. This came at a time when Eddie Brock discovered he had cancer, decided to change course, and sold the symbiote at a criminal auction.

Mac Gargan’s Venom was far more sinister and dangerous than Brock’s, and the Scorpion was unable to control the symbiote as it wanted, acting most often in an impulsive and animalistic way. This led Gargan to develop cannibalistic impulses, and it is implied that the symbiote himself felt his host was unworthy of his power.

Gargan would be forcibly removed from the symbiote after the events of the saga the siege, and would go back to simply being the old Scorpio. While unlike Brock, the Scorpion’s period as Venom was interesting indeed, and created room for Eddie to go in a new direction as well.

3 – The Anti-Venom

Estranged from the symbiote, Eddie sought to get his life back on track and was finally acquitted of his crimes through an excellent lawyer, a certain Matt Murdock that you must know.

Still suffering from his cancer, Eddie began volunteering on the PARTY project of philanthropist Martin Li, alter ego of supervillain Mr. Negative. Li then used his powers to cure Eddie’s cancer, although in the process he accidentally infused the symbiote’s remains into Eddie’s bloodstream with his own power.

Then Mac Gargan knocked on the door. Feeling that the costume preferred Brock to him, Gargan tried to kill Eddie, but the costume actually wanted a reunion with its former host. However, Brock’s body rejects the parasite, creating a new symbiotic white form capable of destroying symbionts. It turns out that Eddie’s white blood cells fused with the symbiote’s remains left in his bloodstream created a kind of “vaccine” against symbionts: the Anti-Venom.

2 – The Venom Agent

After returning from the Iraq War, where he lost both legs, Flash Thompson is invited to participate in a special operation that will introduce him to the symbiote Venom, working as a special agent of the Armed Forces and a kind of secret weapon.

With the chance to get his legs back and be able to fight again for his country, Flash accepts the mission. His uniform is similar to Spider-Man (since he was always a fan of the hero), but with a military outfit and soldier appearance. Determined to be a peacekeeping force, Flash must constantly maintain control so that the symbiote doesn’t become aware of it.

flash was acting like Venom agent for a long period, and even joined the Guardians of the Galaxy at the stage written by Brian Michael Bendis.

1 – Ultimate Universe

Unlike the regular Marvel universe, the Ultimate universe Venom was not of alien origin. Rather, the costume was indelibly linked to Peter Parker’s origins, with his father having created the costume along with Eddie Brock’s father, as a means of curing cancer. Peter discovers that his parents and Eddie’s have been murdered over this project and proceeds to investigate, but things don’t go according to plan, and the costume soon links with Peter, instilling in him all of the toxic personality traits that typified Venom in the regular universe.

Much like his counterpart in universe 616, Brock, of course, ends up also bonding with the costume, even after Peter’s warnings that it was too dangerous. With Eddie and Pete being childhood friends here, the conflict is particularly heaviest and easily one of the best arcs in the character’s recent history.

And by the way, this idea of ​​Peter having a friendship with Venom’s host was carried over to the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, where the symbiote joins Harry Osborn. An idea, by the way, that apparently will also be used in the next game of Spider man for PlayStation 5.