At peace with her husband, Andressa Urach announces the arrival of a mascot

Apparently, after turbulent days in the relationship with her husband, Thiago Lopes, Andressa Urach now he just wants peace. This week, the model used social media to tell her that her family has grown!

She and Thiago have just adopted a purebred puppy. On Instagram, Andressa even published photos and videos with the dog, who was named Acetone.


Last Wednesday, October 6th, Andressa Urach he made his second prenatal consultation while waiting for the arrival of little Leon, his son with Thiago Lopes. The husband, by the way, shared on his profile, on Instagram, records on his Instagram of the moment, including a video in which he listens to the baby’s heart.

“Bringing mommy for the second prenatal consultation. Leon’s little heart pounding,” he said in Stories. Hours earlier, the businessman said that his marriage to Andressa, who has gone through some turmoil recently, is better than before. “Our marriage has never been as strong as it is,” the young man declared.

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In turn, Andressa commented on the query in a long text also shared in the Stories tool on her Instagram profile. However, as Thiago took control of his wife’s social networks, it is not clear whether the message was written by her or with her husband’s help.

“Today was a wonderful day. Listening to @leonurachoficial’s heart made me think a lot about the importance of family, getting married is easy, keeping a marriage that is difficult, I think the first year is the most complicated because of the adaptation, after all they are two different people, different creations, thoughts , different stories. My husband and I stayed 3 days apart and it was important for both of us to think [sic]. We were able to value the moments we spent together. Marriage goes far beyond sex, sex is wonderful and I think it’s very important, but that’s not all. I think that having peace in the relationship, trust and, above all, love makes two people stay married for many years”, he said.

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“I would really like to stay married forever, that’s what every couple wants… but I see that marriage is like a garden, which has to be taken care of every day, so that weeds don’t take over and destroy everything. I was glad @tnlopes10 didn’t give up on our family. It is not easy to forgive, but true love suffers everything, believes everything, waits for everything, supports everything. Is that you? Are you taking care of your family? Don’t wait to lose to give value. Money is all well and good, but it doesn’t buy real love or a happy family. I learned that happiness is just being and not doing or having”, he said.

Urach and her husband announced their separation on September 24, about 9 months after the wedding. During this period the blonde had been talking about her mental health, saying that she was not well. A week later, she said she had returned to prostitution and was being threatened by Thiago, who appeared with the police at the door of “Gruta Azul”, an adult concert venue in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, where she would present. Soon after, the businessman published a photo of Urach already at home and, as a result, the reconciliation was confirmed.


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