Barcelona has already paid off its debt with Grêmio for the purchase of Arthur

Going through a period of underperformance on the field, Barcelona are living a nightmare of near financial collapse this season.

Grêmio is charged by the property tax for the Olympic stadium by the city of Porto Alegre

According to the Spanish website 2Playbook, Barcelona has a million dollar debt of 115.4 million euros (approximately R$ 736.8 million). The publication also mentioned that Grêmio is a creditor of an estimated value of 6.75 million euros (about R$ 43.1 million) of a clause, due to the sale of steering wheel Arthur in 2018.

Asked about the financial disputes with Barcelona, ​​Grêmio CEO Carlos Amodeo explained that the money related to the debt is from an investment fund with Grêmio, not specifically the Spanish team.

“The entire financial cost of this transaction was fully supported by Barcelona. Grêmio received the amount in cash through the structuring of a financial transaction carried out by Barcelona and Grêmio with a European investment fund. Thus, although Barcelona’s balance sheet indicates Grêmio as a creditor, the amount is due to that fund.” said the leader.

Coming from Grêmio’s youth categories, Arthur earned R$ 128.88 million, which was the biggest sale in the club’s history.

Hired by Juventus in 2020, the tricolor from Rio Grande do Sul received an additional amount of R$ 15.5 million as a result of the FIFA solidarity mechanism for the club that formed the player.

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Image: Disclosure Barcelona