Brazilian team will have a tense game in Colombia for the qualifiers – 10/09/2021 – Juca Kfouri

Nothing like football to reveal the contradictions of human beings.

The same Palmeiras fans who reveal the team’s bad performances, practically without chances in the Brazilian Championship, do not forgive the performance of the Brazilian team.

The fact that the team is classified for the final of the Libertadores makes the resultistas alviverdes invent a lot of apparently reasonable arguments, although the same resultismo does not serve for the selection.

Abel Ferreira is acquitted despite having lost everything so far in the season and Tite is convicted, despite winning them all in the Qualifiers — nine wins in nine games and guaranteed qualification for the World Cup in Qatar.

The heart is capable of anything, even appearing rational.

“They don’t cover me for coherence”, that’s how the people of Palmeira behave, something that the critic must reject.

Because the behavior of the national team in Caracas, against the fragile Venezuela, was also simply inexcusable.

First time as bad as the one presented in the defeat by 1-0, only Mineirão, in 2014 — 5-0 to Germany.

On the same day as France 3, Belgium (the new Netherlands?)2, definitely the game in South America cannot be called football as in the European continent.

Starting with the fact that only the Venezuelans have made more fouls, 15, than the entire game for the semifinals of the League of Nations, 14. In Turin, match played at Formula 1 pace. In Caracas, a chariot race.

And if Raphinha didn’t enter the second half, to turn to 3-1, with the knife between his teeth, and fight for a place on the plane to Qatar, Tite’s team would be playing until today in search of a goal.

How horrible!

The sad thing is that there is no reason to imagine anything better this Sunday (10) in Barranquilla, against Colombia, in fifth place and with Paraguay and Peru on their heels.

The clashes between Colombians and Brazilians have been tense in recent times and the presence of Neymar helps to stir up tempers.

The PSG star has plenty of reasons to keep a bad memory of recent encounters with them since Zuñiga injured his third vertebra and took him out of the Cup in Brazil.

The following year, at the Copa América, in Chile, after a Brazilian defeat, Neymar managed to be expelled from the field after the end of the game, because, in anger due to the 1-0, he kicked the ball at a rival in the final whistle.

Revenge only came in Rio-16, when, in Itaquera, despite being hunted, he commanded the victory by 2-0.

It is to be expected high temperature and, worse, there is no reason to expect good football.

As when playing Palmeiras, inefficiently retranqueiro and with players capable of yielding much more.


If the ex-Santista Neymar should go through trouble from 6 pm in Colombia, the current Santos will suffer even more in Vila Belmiro, at 4 pm.

They will receive Grêmio in the derby between two three-time continental champions who combine hunger with the desire to eat: Santos in last place before the last four and Grêmio champions the first of the last four.

Grêmio with one game less than Santos and only two points behind, in other words, a victory in Rio Grande do Sul and the beach players will enter the relegation zone, the quicksand that brings bigger ones more easily than small ones, because glorious shirts weigh down under such conditions.

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