Bruna Lombardi reveals she decided to write a book about beauty: ‘It’s bigger than a formula’ | High hours

Who doesn’t want to know Bruna Lombardi’s beauty “secret”? Year in, year out, it’s still very full and let’s fight not to gawk in the face of so much exuberance, isn’t it? The questions about what she does to keep herself that way are so many that the actress decided to speak directly to the audience about it. At Altas Horas this Saturday, 9/10, Bruna told about her decision to write a book and offer a course to answer the question that she doesn’t want to be silent:

“This year I decided to do something innovative in my life, I decided to answer this question and talk about beauty to the public. I’m going to write a book, it’s almost ready, and a course. So that they understand that beauty is greater than a formula , a pill, an application or a trick of any kind.”

Time does not pass for her! Bruna Lombari announces that she will launch a book and course on the ‘secret’ of beauty — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo and Collection/TV Globo

“All of this helps, but we have to be with a series of things in our daily lives because there is no better cosmetic than happiness. The journey of empowerment is to discover what we are and become that person for everyone,” he added.

The success of the soap opera ‘Roda de Fogo’ on Globoplay

Bruna Lombardi talks about 'Roda de Fogo' and partnership with Tarcísio Meira

Bruna Lombardi talks about ‘Roda de Fogo’ and partnership with Tarcísio Meira

The actress also commented on the repercussion of Roda de Fogo, a 1986 soap opera, which entered the Globoplay catalog in April 2021. In the plot, Bruna plays Lúcia Brandão, a judge who is a romantic partner of the protagonist Renato Villar, played by Tarcisio Meira.

Bruna Lombardi as Lúcia Brandão in ‘Roda de Fogo’ — Photo: Cedoc/Globo

“People are crazy, it’s funny, isn’t it? A soap opera that was very impactful, that opened a discussion that had never happened before, a white-collar villain and corruption at the highest levels, which nowadays is banal. I’m impressed with the return on my social networks. How this soap opera is still current!”

Bruna Lombardi, Tarcísio Meira (Lúcia Brandão, Renato Villar) in ‘Roda de Fogo’ — Photo: Globo

“He [Tarcísio e Meira] and Gloria are people very dear to all of us. It’s not death that ends, death is a passage,” she commented on her former stage partner.

Married for many years with Carlos Alberto Riccelli, Bruna recalled in the program how she met her husband, backstage in the soap opera Aritana, on the extinct TV Tupi, in the 1970s:

“It was at work, we met on the plane going to Xingu. We are passionate about the culture of indigenous peoples. In that paradisiacal environment, in the lagoon, with animals, butterflies, nature in the vein, it was impossible not to fall in love. It was going and it was beautiful. It’s been beautiful”

Bruna Lombardi and Carlos Alberto Riccelli have a 38-year-old son — Photo: Reproduction/ TV Globo

With a marriage that has lasted decades, the actress and writer said that she and her husband work together their relationship to work:

“The relationship doesn’t come ready, the impatience of people who come ready. You’ll have to adapt to a number of things, how you’re going to work, the problem isn’t always in others, it’s also in you. The skill of love is the ability to live is more or less together”.

Bruna Lombardi talks about her marriage to Carlos Alberto Riccelli

Bruna Lombardi talks about her marriage to Carlos Alberto Riccelli