Campinense players react after América-RN fans invade a hotel in Natal; videos | brazilian series d

The game between América-RN and Campinense for the quarterfinals of Série D became a police case. After the 0-0 tie at Arena das Dunas, the Potiguar team’s fans clashed with Raposa’s delegation at the hotel where the Paraíbas were staying. Scenes recorded by the Military Police show the club’s bus destroyed and one of the players, defender Dénis, with a cut on his leg. Videos circulating on the internet also show the reaction of the players after two fans invaded the hotel, and ended up being attacked by athletes and officials.

Everything happened after the match. Campinense players were preparing to return to Campina Grande when they were surprised by the fans at the hotel. The delegation even backed down as it got on the bus, which was partially destroyed by the action of American fans, members of an organized supporter. Then two of them invaded the hotel lobby and were greeted with punches and kicks by the players.

Campinense players react after América-RN fans pillage club buses

Campinense players react after América-RN fans pillage club buses

Campinense’s Marketing Director, Danylo Maia, spoke on behalf of the club.

– We had dinner and when we left the hotel, we were surprised by members of organized supporters from América-RN. They left for the confrontation, stoned our bus. The delegation still backed off, but they insisted on the confrontation and we had no choice but to face them. Thank God we called the police, who detained one of the fans – said the leader, who filed a police report in Natal.

Ranielle asks for solid performance from Campinense in search of access to Serie C, next Saturday

The Campinense returned to Campina Grande hours later, on another bus. Also according to Danylo Maia, the case will be forwarded to the Paraibana Football Federation and the CBF.

– Unfortunately, this happened in a single crowd game. We ask the authorities and federations, as well as the CBF itself, to be more careful with the organization of the championship. That they can reinforce policing and guarantee the integrity of the players. We’re going back to Campina Grande and we’re going to do a week of hard work to resolve this on the field. Campinense has been highly praised for its discipline as it uses football exclusively to compete – said the manager.

Campinense’s bus is partially destroyed after being attacked by fans of América-RN — Photo: Divulgação/Campinense

Danylo Maia still showed confidence in the access, and even made an allusion to the situation experienced in Natal as a motivating factor for the decisive game against América-EN.

The fans can rest assured that on Saturday we will all be together at Amigão doing the party. This access will come, under stick and stone, but this access will come. Campinense is a big and dear club, a centenary club and deserves respect wherever you go (Danylo Maia, Campinense Marketing Director)

This is the second time that Campinense has had problems with the opposing fans in Serie D. In the round of 16 duel against Guarany-CE, the club’s bus was also attacked by fans after the 2-0 victory at Junco, in Sobral. See the video below:

Full-back Dennis, the only player injured in the riot, took points in his leg, but he doesn’t worry about the Serie D sequence. Whoever wins next Saturday, in Campina Grande, guarantees a place in Serie C 2022. A new draw takes the decision to penalties.

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