Canceled euthanasia of Colombian woman supported by son in decision to die

Martha Sepúlveda during birthday

Credit, Martha Sepúlveda

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Martha Sepúlveda celebrated 51 years of life in January

The woman would be the first person to receive the procedure in Colombia without having a terminal illness.

According to the statement, the Interdisciplinary Scientific Commission for the Right to Die with Dignity “has unanimously decided to cancel the procedure”, by determining that “the terminality criterion was not met as considered by the first commission” that evaluated the case.

Lucas Correa, Sepúlveda’s lawyer, called the decision to cancel euthanasia “illegitimate, illegal and arbitrary”. And he accused those responsible for violating the patient’s right to die with dignity. “They are forcing her to live a life she doesn’t want to continue living, with suffering and pain that she finds incompatible with her idea of ​​dignity,” she said.