Cantor Maluma escapes a tragic flight that killed 4 people

Musician came to the networks and, moved, told that he dedicated one of his shows to the victims; crashed plane took off minutes before his

Colombian singer Maluma, 27, escaped a tragic plane crash. This Saturday (9), the musician became a topic on the internet after reporting in a show held in the city of Orlando, in the United States, that he almost missed the plane that left minutes before his and crashed, killing all four passengers.

Cantor dedicated a show made in Orlando to the victims of the flight –  Photo: Internet/Reproduction/NDCantor dedicated a show made in Orlando to the victims of the flight – Photo: Internet/Reprodução/ND

The accident occurred moments before the singer left Atlanta for Orlando, where he performed. On the occasion, the artist told the public about what had happened and paid homage to the passengers and crew killed in the fall.

In the performance, he even dedicated the song ‘ADMV’ to the victims. “All the passengers died and I want to dedicate this moment to these people. I’m here for you and thanks to them”, he said.

Hours later, he went to social media and reflected on what had happened. “What a crazy and beautiful day at the same time. Today I remembered the fragility of life on more than one occasion. Material is worthless when we are not alive and breathing. I take everyone in my heart, hug yours and tell them how much you love them before it’s too late. I really love you guys. Everything I’ve built is beautiful, but it’s worthless if I don’t have someone to share it with”.