Carlinhos Maia’s husband talks about losing Instagram and admits guilt for something absurd

Carlinhos Maia
Lucas Guimarães, husband of Carlinhos Maia, lost his Instagram account because of inappropriate content (Image: Playback / Instagram)

With over 8 million followers on Instagram, Lucas Guimaraes he lost his account on the platform and made a loss of over half a million reais.

In a conversation with Leo Dias’ column, from Metrópoles, the digital influencer spoke about the subject and admitted that he knows that the blame for what happened is entirely his.

“I received notifications and ignored them. I can’t complain about having lost count”, said the husband of Carlinhos Maia, who had his profile deleted for posting sexual content.

In his now defunct account, the content creator had made a board in which he openly talked about sex with followers: “It told what he was doing with Carlinhos and what he had already done. It was very low. But I like to talk about it, I don’t wear a mask”.

It’s worth remembering that Carlinhos Maia was the one who got the talk recently on Instagram. When asked what he thought of Solange, from A Fazenda 2021, had talked about him, the comedian made it clear that he didn’t like having his name mentioned there.

What did you think of Solange saying Rico is leaning on you?”, asked a follower in a round of questions and answers on Instagram Stories. “She said that? How crazy”, reacted the influencer.

Then, Lucas Guimarães’s husband vented about the bullshit that happened on the Record program: “I don’t participate in Big Brother or A Fazenda, but my name is the one that happens the most. Ô sweet name! I like Rico, he thinks that, all that authenticity”.

“Move whoever wants to! Who doesn’t want it, doesn’t move! They are there to be judged. If they entered, that was it”, added the famous.

“She called him ‘ugly’, he called her ‘old crook.’ All right, offended, offended, and that’s life. People get into these things knowing that this is what the public wants to see, the shack they want, so they’re giving it”, highlighted.

“If there wasn’t a shack, they were calling it a plant. If there’s a shack, they want to take it out. So make up your mind!”, he declared, who also said that he hopes the best will win. “I don’t think he [Melquiades] propped up on me. I give the opportunity, show the world, you like it. If it’s there, it’s because it continued, it shone”, he pointed out.

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