Chevrolet Tracker 2022 remains a good option even with discreet update – 10/10/2021

The Chevrolet Tracker has already completed one year of life and recently surpassed 100,000 units produced in Brazil – an expressive number, especially in this period of so much difficulty for the automotive sector. Because in this momentum the 2022 line arrived at dealerships practically the same, but still with some story to tell.

This new generation of Tracker is worth a review. It arrived last year mounted on a new platform considered global by Chevrolet, which allowed, for example, to make the SUV more beautiful, with a properly updated design.

I like the front with the creases on the hood, the flared headlamps and a bumper with a provocative design that carries the steering light on the underside. The rear also became more elegant with the horizontal headlamps invading the trunk lid.

And it’s on the rear that the Tracker brings two small changes to the 2022 line: the trunk lid opening button is now built into the bottom and, for the more attentive, the fog light, which was in the middle the bumper, has been eliminated.

Another very important point: thanks to the use of the new platform was the possibility of equipping the Tracker with some cutting-edge features, such as those I always like to highlight when they are present in a car of this size.

This is the case of the safety package that combines collision alert with automatic emergency braking and blind spot alert, or the torque vectoring system – which acts on the braking system in curves to ensure that the car does not go off the trajectory – and to the welcome Park Assist, automatic parking assistant.

Certainly many will remember and comment that the Tracker still does not have disc brakes on the rear wheels, something that does impact its braking capacity, especially when you need to stop the car fast in an emergency situation. Now it is clear that this is a brand strategy for this product, a choice indeed, since there is a dose of compensation with the number of airbags, six in total.

Then there is another highlight of the Premier version, the one used in this evaluation, the turbo 1.2 engine with 133 horsepower and 21.4 kgfm of torque, which works well in tune with the six-speed automatic transmission. A set that plays in favor of the provocative look of the Tracker, delivering a touch of sportsmanship yes, as it makes the SUV very smart in drags and light on the road. For fans of this sport, it only owes an option of manual changes on the steering wheel.

Wireless smartphone mirroring is new

Inside, everything is the same and with the same care in the general finish and the amount of plastic used. Another feature always remembered is the proximity to the Onix family when we look at the instrument panel, the center panel and the multimedia.

By the way, it is in the multimedia system that is the biggest novelty of the 2022 line, which now allows mirroring the smartphone without using a cable. Remembering that, in the Premier version, Tracker provides 4G internet on board and passengers can use the wi-fi network.

In addition, the Tracker remains firm and strong as one of the good representatives of the segment of compact SUVs, one of the most important in the national market and which continues to grow.

In 2020, Tracker closed the year among the three best sellers and, at this time, confirms its resumption in the market, with 3,936 units sold last September. In other words, it returned to the level of 4,000 cars sold per month, an average recorded in 2020 and which it had been maintaining this year until June, when production was interrupted due to the lack of semiconductors.

Chevrolet Tracker 1.2 Turbo Premier Price: BRL 141,790.00