Chihuahua survives coyote attack in Los Angeles; watch | World

a little dog Chihuahua survived wild coyote attack in Los Angeles, in the United States. The action was spotted by a security camera (see the video above).

Chico the Chihuahua is safe and sound thanks to the owners, Kerry and Larry Ruiz, who thought fast and managed to scare the coyote away with a horn.

It all happened in broad daylight, and in the backyard. Little Chico was on the lawn when the wild animal grabbed him by the neck.

In the video you can see Kerry running after the two and screaming for help to her husband. She told NBC that the coyote even fled to the neighbor’s backyard.

Chihuahua Chico on the lap of the owner Kerry and next to the owner Larry giving an interview for American television — Photo: Reproduction/NBC

Kerry then remembered a horn her husband left outside just to chase away wild animals, common visitors in suburban California.

She says that the animal was startled by the “deafening” noise – and that’s why he left little Chico to flee towards the forest.

Cãozinho Chico recovered after a coyote attack in California — Photo: Reproduction/NBC

The Chihuahua was rescued and taken to the vet. He suffered some bruises on the neck by the bite, and had a broken rib.

The owners said they didn’t blame the coyotes – as they were just wild animals looking for food – but said they should be extra careful.

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