Corinthians loses the second final and takes the runner-up in the Brazilian Women’s U-18

Corinthians played in the final of the U-18 Women’s Championship this Sunday. At 11am, the team took the field against São Paulo at CT Marcelo Portugal Gouvêa. Timão got the vice-championship after losing 2-0. In the first final, the team had already stumbled and, thus, arrived at a disadvantage. With that, the aggregate score went from 5 to 0.

São Paulo started the first stage better, creating chances and moving up to attack. However, Timon improved and went in search of a draw. Although it did not succeed, there was no lack of opportunities. In the second half, São Paulo also went up. After taking the second goal, Corinthians ended up being neutralized and did not reverse the result.


Corinthians started the duel with Nanda; Jullyana Gaia, Duda Mineira, Bell, Gabi Medeiros, Vick, Julia Brito, Dayse, Miracatu, Manu Olivan and Laysla.

On the other side, the rivals started with Marcelle, Ravena, Giovanna, Alves, Clara, Joyce, Carol, Giovaninha, Milena, Isa and Duda Rodrigues.

The game

First time

The ball was thrown by the Parque São Jorge team. However, the first attack attempt was made by São Paulo after two minutes. After defending the submission, goalkeeper Nanda felt pain and needed medical attention. The next attempt came with Isa and Nanda was fired once more. Not content to stop in the hands of the goalkeeper, Isa scored the first goal in eight minutes. Dayse tried to reach the opponent, but there was no way to avoid it.

In the next attack, Carol made a back pass looking for Duda Rodrigues. However, she sent it out. Then, Giovanininha crossed weakly and Nanda got the ball without difficulties. Corinthians’ first chance came with Manu Olivan. She hit well and demanded the defense of goalkeeper Marcelle, who rebounded. Miracatu tried to complete and won a corner.

Soon after, São Paulo went on a counterattack. Giovaninha received it and soon passed it to Clara, but Corinthians managed to get the better of it. Following, Isa opened the right for Milena, who tried to cover the goal and threw the ball out. The first yellow card of the game went to Daniela Alves for a complaint.

Then Vick stole the ball and kicked it from outside the area. The ball exploded on the crossbar and went out. Laysla took a direct red card in the 29th minute, after complaining about an unmarked foul in the dispute with Milena and Ravena. Vick recovered the ball once more and got close to the goal, but ended up unbalancing with the marking.

Joyce took a corner and the Corinthians defender took off. She still had the leftovers and her submission ended with Nanda’s defense. Vick suffered a dangerous foul from Carol. Miracatu charged straight into the goal and Marcelle made the save. Bell headed the rebound. Again, the tie did not come. Another chance came in a corner kick. Vick sent to the area and the defense moved away. Thus, the first half ended with a partial victory for São Paulo.

Second time

On the way back from the break, São Paulo went up with Ravena. The submission was weak and facilitated Nanda’s defense. Later, Milena gave a pass to Duda Rodrigues. Even with the marking of Gabi Medeiros, she managed to kick over the goal and won a corner kick. Then Isa tried it headlong and was left in Nanda’s hands.

Vick was the author of the first Corinthians chance. She dominated the ball and took a chance, exploding on the mark. It didn’t take long for São Paulo’s second goal to come out. Jullyana Gaia backed up to Nanda, who tried to get out with her feet and dodge Isa. The goalkeeper took the worst and Isa scored again after nine minutes. Giovaninha participated in a rehearsed corner play with Joyce and then sent it to goal. This time, the ball did not enter.

Gabi Medeiros lost control and Duda Rodrigues was invading the area. Duda Mineira prevented the continuation. Afterwards, Isa was thrown, but Nanda got the ball first. Corinthians had the first chances in free kicks. The first one exploded on the mark. In the second, Gabi Silva hit the course and Marcelle managed to catch.

Manu passed the ball to Vick, who took it badly, making the defense easy for the goalkeeper. In another throw, Manu again rose to the attack and received a throw. This time, she stayed at Raissa’s tagging. The same Raissa gave a pass to Duda Rodrigues, who had the chance to expand, she managed to pass through three and ended up losing the ball to Nanda.

São Paulo also had a corner kick and the ball ended up with Nanda. Paola received a pass and tried to take advantage of the goalkeeper’s departure to cover. However, the ball went over the goal. Unable to recover from the defeat in the first final, Corinthians took second place in the tournament.

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