Delegado Da Cunha is subject to a new investigation by the Internal Affairs Unit after action in bar – 10/09/2021 – Daily

Police chief Carlos Alberto da Cunha, 43, known as Da Cunha, became the target of a new preliminary investigation by the Civil Police Internal Affairs Division after being involved, on Thursday (7), in a police incident when he was making video recordings for his YouTube channel.

What is intended to be found out is whether there was any irregularity in the conduct of the delegate during the apprehension of slot machines in the north of São Paulo.

Police heard by sheet stated that the purpose of the investigation is to find out if Da Cunha acted as an active delegate, which could characterize usurpation of function.

Da Cunha has been out of office since August, when he took leave without pay after being removed from his duties. In theory, he could not make approaches by presenting himself as a police chief – as the bar owner’s lawyers allege.

Although he still retains the right to carry a weapon, his superiors want to clarify whether there was irregular use of a firearm. That’s because he was using an Army registered gun as a collector.

Wanted by sheet, Da Cunha did not manifest himself. He also did not speak to journalists in front of the district where he went after the episode. On his social networks, however, he denied that he is acting as a police officer while he is away from office.

According to official records and according to police officers heard by the sheet, Da Cunha called the Military Police at 6:17 pm this Thursday to ask for support in the apprehension of gaming machines. Five PM teams went to the scene.

He told police officers that he was investigating an anonymous tip about drug trafficking on a street near the 73rd DP (in Jaçanã, north of São Paulo) when he tried to approach a suspect, who ran away.

Da Cunha said he chased the boy to a bar on the same street. He didn’t find the suspect, but he found five slot machines that were behind a dividing wall, three of them working.

Also according to the official record, the PMs realized that Da Cunha was armed and, as they knew he was away from the police, they were in doubt whether he could carry a weapon. The officer presented the firearm registration certificate for the pistol he was carrying, a .40 caliber Glock — a document valid until March 2023.

The PMs then called the Civil Police to participate in the occurrence.

Two delegates from the 73rd PD, on duty Denis Kiss and the district officer, Ivair Martinho Graça, visited the site. Also according to the official record, Graça spoke with Da Cunha and asked him to show the weapon, which “was promptly handed to the chief delegate ”. All proceeded to the police station, where Da Cunha was heard as a witness in the gambling occurrence, according to police.

The official record also points out that the police called the Internal Affairs. The agency’s delegate asked that the case report be registered and that everyone involved be heard immediately.

Da Cunha has become a celebrity on the internet since last year with the publicity of police operations in which he participated — on YouTube alone, for example, he had more than 3.7 million subscribers.

Because of these videos, however, he ended up infringing the internal rules of the Civil Police and became the target of a series of investigations by the Internal Affairs Unit. The inquiries determine whether he committed abuse of authority, breach of functional secrecy and administrative misconduct — some investigations have already been filed. With all this, he ended up temporarily removed from office.

Attorney Moara Beatriz Adonis, the bar owner’s representative, said that she called the Internal Affairs office against the police officer and is also studying to sue him for moral damages caused by the embarrassment in the approach. “He said he’s going back to the bar. And, we’ll do everything to stop him.”

According to her, Da Cunha arrived at the scene filming, trying to pretend to be a police officer and intimidating her client.

In a video released to his followers, Da Cunha said that he was analyzing drug trafficking in the northern zone when he came across a “little situation” of gambling and had to call the PM and the Civil Police over the phone. “And remembering that I’m not doing occurrences. I’m a YouTube digital communicator,” he said.

Regarding the presence of delegates at the scene of the occurrence, the policeman praised his colleagues and said that everything was resolved quickly. “They already arrived, resolved the incident and quickly released me because I was a witness,” he said.