Doria sanctions project that gives the name of the presenter to tunnel in SP

The governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), today sanctioned the bill approved by Alesp (São Paulo Legislative Assembly) that gives the name of presenter Gugu Liberato to a tunnel located at km 95 of Rodoanel Mario Covas, in Ribeirão Saucer (SP).

The sanction was published in today’s edition of the Official Gazette of the State of São Paulo. The document states that the tunnel is 1,070 meters long. The project was authored by deputy Coronel Telhada (PP).

Gugu died in November 2019, aged 60, after suffering a domestic accident in the United States. He had an accidental fall from a height of about four meters while making a repair to the air conditioner installed in the attic of his Orlando home.

In justifying the project, Telhada pointed out that “Liberato has become an icon of Brazilian television over the years”, “has marked generations with emblematic paintings”, citing ‘A bathtub do Gugu’, “which is still remembered by fans of the attraction”.

“Gugu was considered one of the most consecrated presenters in the history of Brazilian television (…) Therefore, I count on the support of the Noble Peers for the approval of this Project, which I consider to be of public interest, translated in recognition of the presenter Gugu Liberato”, said the congressman in the text.

Inheritance dispute

Gugu left 75% of his assets, valued at R$1 billion, to his three children — João Augusto and the twins Sofia and Marina — and the remaining 25% to his five nephews. The inventory and administration of the presenter’s assets were under the responsibility of his sister, Aparecida Liberato, and lawyers.

Rose Miriam, mother of the presenter’s children, filed a lawsuit seeking recognition of the common-law marriage. With the connection recognized by Justice, she would also be entitled to a portion of the amount described in Gugu’s will.

The request was questioned by lawyer Dilermando Cigagna Júnior, responsible for the presenter’s estate. Maria do Céu, Gugu’s mother, even declared in an interview with “Fantástico” that the two did not have a relationship.

In December 2019, Nelson Wilians, Rose Miriam’s lawyer, said in an interview with Veja magazine that the doctor did not appear in the will because the couple “was not well” when the document was drawn up.

Chef Thiago Salvático also filed a lawsuit seeking recognition of a stable union with Gugu. He claimed to have had a relationship with the presenter for eight years. Thiago withdrew from the request in June 2020, citing “intimate issues”.

The division of inheritance came back to the subject in July of this year, when Sofia and Marina were emancipated at the age of 17 and decided to support their mother in the process of recognition of their stable union.

João Augusto declared support for Aparecida in the case, questioning the attitude of the sisters and criticizing the mother. The issue became a topic on social networks after the leak of the video in which Sofia and Marina accuse Aparecida Liberato of manipulation and lies. The two declared that they recognized the stable union between Gugu and Rose Miriam.

In part of the story, Sofia vented on the way the two were treated by her aunt. She recalled that Aparecida denied the purchase of a Porsche. “It was what I always dreamed of,” said the presenter’s daughter.

At the time, Marina and Sofia explained in videos that buying the car, mentioned in the previous recording, brings a “more serious matter” behind it. They claimed that content published without permission shows lines “out of context”.