Empire: Cora is shot during the parade in place of the Commander, who fulfills one of the villain’s greatest dreams

The next chapters of ‘Império’, the 9:00 pm telenovela on Rede Globo, will be dramatic for Cora (Marjorie Estiano), who will put her own life at risk to save Zé Alfredo (Alexandre Nero), scheduled to be shot by Maurílio (Carmo Della Vechia), who will infiltrate the parade to try to remove the jewelry entrepreneur.

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The scenes will air next week and everything will happen during the parade of the União de Santa Teresa Samba School, which pays homage to Zé Alfredo. When she realizes that Zé is in the crosshairs of a mysterious man, dressed in black, Cora tries to get on the float to warn him. By now, the villain will have heard Maurílio’s evil plan to kill Zé.

Cora grabs the car, trying to climb up to where the Commander is: “Run away, Zé! Death is coming there.” Zé replies: “Death always comes, but not for me”, and pulls the villain by the arm. At the same moment, Maurílio yellows aiming at Zé and Cora jumps in front of the ‘man in black’: “No!”.

Cristina’s aunt (Leandra Leal) is shot and falls into the arms of Zé Alfredo. She still makes a wish, one of her biggest dreams: to get a kiss from Zé and for the first time, she is matched. Maria Marta (Lilia Cabral) watches everything in shock.