Environmental activists want Queen Elizabeth to plant more trees on her land | World

Environmental activists demanded this Saturday (9) that Queen Elizabeth and other members of British royalty commit to planting more trees or cultivating organic produce. This happens on the eve of COP26, the global climate conference that will take place in Scotland, one of the countries that make up the United Kingdom.

Chris Packham, a well-known conservationist and communicator, plus hundreds of children and a jazz band marched through central London to Buckingham Palace to deliver a petition signed by 100,000 people.

“We are very politely asking them to change their (land management) practices and, if they could announce this before the COP, it would send a brilliant message to the world,” Packham told Sky News.

“It’s not time to talk about doing things anymore, it’s time to actually do things, so even though they’re saying the right thing… what better place to do it than in your own huge, huge backyard?”

Refuning is a conservation measure that seeks to restore natural processes and wildlife areas., and Packham stated that a transition in real estate would involve using only organic materials, planting more trees and reducing the number of deer to allow regeneration.

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