Erika Schneider explains affair with Erasmo and criticizes Tati Quebra Barraco

Third eliminated from “The Farm 13”, Erika Schneider made revelations about the brief relationship with Erasmus Viana, which also entered the current edition of the reality show and is still in the running for R$ 1.5 million.

Within the program, the two had many clashes and disguised their relationship well from abroad, but they ended up releasing some details to their colleagues. Erasmus even told two versions of the story about his involvement. However, the dancer clarified that she was the one who put an end to the affair. “I ended up getting back together with my ex,” he declared in a chat with Lucas Selfie and Lidi Lisbon in the “Live of the Eliminated”.

During the confinement period, the ex of Gabriela Pugliesi he told his friends that Erika only got into reality because of him and also called the blonde a futile.

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“Ugly not to say other words. A guy meets a girl and says what he said about the woman, it’s ugly, very ugly”, classified Erika. “Actually, I was married, lived together for four years. Then I had just ended my relationship and we ended up getting to know each other”, he clarified.

Finally, Schneider clarified the meeting with Erasmus and the real reason for the “ending”.

It wasn’t at a party, it was on Instagram, and we trained at the same gym, so we got to know each other and that was it, but in the meantime I ended up getting back together with my ex.


During the conversation, Erika also commented on her troubled relationship with Tati Quebra Barraco. The two quarreled a few times in the house and ended their relationship without reaching an understanding between them. According to the dancer, Tati has no charisma and compared her with the winner of the last edition.

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Jojo Todynho is charismatic, authentic, and Tati just eats and sleeps.

Selfie, then, wanted to better understand the ex-peoa’s speech, who continued: “She thinks she is very strong and she really is very strong, it’s no wonder that the ‘group’ took me out of the ‘Farm’. I’m not taking her credit, she has her charisma as a singer, it’s no wonder she has a 20-year career. Here at the Farm, it was missing”, he concluded.

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