Fan of Jojo Todynho tattoos the singer’s face on his chest

A Jojo Todynho fan known as Neguinho tattooed her face on his chest and was noticed today by the singer. The boy, who is called Wagner and is a candy seller in Rio de Janeiro, found Nicole Bahls in a store. The model made a storie beside him and Jojo watched and reposted the video.

“Guys, look at Jojo’s fan. Jojo, look at her face. Neguinho, this is love, huh?”, commented Nicole Bahls while showing the boy’s tattoo.

This, however, is not the first time that Neguinho is noticed by Jojo. He sells candy at traffic lights with T-shirts with the singer’s face and other idols, like the singer Mumuzinho, and started a campaign to meet her in July.

fan - Replay/Instagram - Replay/Instagram

Jojo Todynho fan shows off the singer’s tattoo to Nicole Bahls

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

“My name is Wagner better known as nigga; I am a street vendor selling jujube candy and slippers. I wanted an opportunity for me to meet Jojo Todynho. She was also a street vendor and I like her for her manner and simplicity. Those who can help a street vendor to realize a dream, I will ask God to greatly bless”, wrote the boy, at the time, on Instagram.

Today, he has 116,000 followers on the social network and earns emojis and affectionate comments from Jojo in his photos. In one of the last ones, in which he showed a new T-shirt with the singer’s face, she returned with an “I love you”.