First photo of Além da Ilusão, a new 6:00 pm soap opera, is released; check out

beyond the illusion
Larissa Manoela (Elisa) and Antonio Calloni (Matias) in Além da Ilusão; 6:00 pm soap opera opens in February (Image: Reproduction / O Globo)

Journalist Patrícia Kogut, from O Globo, released the first photo of beyond the illusion. The recording of the next 6:00 pm soap opera is taking place in Poços de Caldas, southern Minas Gerais. The registration with Antonio Calloni and Larissa Manoela was made there. In the plot of Alessandra Poggi, Antonio plays Matias, father of Elisa and Isadora, interpreted in different phases by Larissa.

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In addition to Illusão, it will bring together Bárbara Paz, Danilo Mesquita, Marcello Novaes, Paloma Duarte, Alexandra Richter, Arlete Salles, Eriberto Leão, Jayme Matarazzo, Marcos Veras, Marisa Orth, Paulo Betti, Werner Schünemann, Claudio Gabriel, Gaby Amarantos, Olívia Araújo, Roberta Gualda, Ana Clara Winter, Carla Cristina Cardoso, Carol Romano, Caroline Dallarosa, Cláudio Jaborandy, Debora Ozório, Duda Brack, Guilherme Prates, Jorge Lucas, Marcelo Escorel and Patrícia Pinho, as well as Lima Duarte in a special appearance.

Luiz Henrique Rios has been responsible for the artistic direction since the departure of Pedro Vasconcelos from Globo. The project, it should be remembered, was postponed several times. Scheduled for the second half of 2020, Além da Ilusão only won screens in February of next year. Until then, the team will also visit Campinas and Queluz, in the interior of São Paulo and on the border between this state and Rio de Janeiro, respectively.

With the novel, Alessandra Poggi marks her second work as titleholder. In 2017, she shared the command of the superseries Os Dias Were Assim with Angela Chaves. Before, Poggi went through several seasons of Malhação and collaborated with Miguel Falabella in That Beijo (2011), Pé na Cova (2013) and Sex and the Negas (2014). She also has an approved synopsis for 9 pm, under the supervision of veteran Gloria Perez.

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