Flamengo scores three goals in seven minutes, beats Fortaleza and continues in search of the leader Atlético-MG | Flamengo

Flamengo maintains an 11-point difference to the leader Atlético-MGAlexandre Vidal / Flamengo

Published 10/09/2021 20:56

With many embezzlements, Flamengo faced the difficult task of playing against Fortaleza at Castelão, but Rubro-Negro showed once again the strength of the squad and got an important victory away from home. In the first half, Renato Gaúcho’s team was apathetic, but in the final stage they scored three goals in seven minutes, with Pedro and Michael, twice, and maintains the difference of 11 points to the leader Atlético-MG.

Flamengo started much better, occupying the defense of Fortaleza. He had more than 70% of ball possession at the beginning, but none of his submissions in the stage were in danger – there were six red-black players and two from Leão. Renato Gaúcho’s team had problems to penetrate with Vitinho and Michael making mistakes a lot in the first time.

Fortaleza improved in the second part of the stage, scoring better and managing to leave their defense field a little more. In the end, Pikachu came up with a good headbutt after Éderson’s long release. Flamengo’s best chance in the first half was at six minutes. Andreas took a corner kick, Léo Pereira went up alone and headed, but Felipe Alves fit.

On minute 36, Vitinho, Flamengo’s only player hanging from Fortaleza, was shown a yellow card and is embezzled for the match against Juventude, scheduled for Wednesday.

The second stage started off hectic, with Leão de Pici setting the pace and having good opportunities. David entered the area, messed up Matheuzinho and hit cross. The ball deflected on Léo Pereira and went into a corner, leading to danger to Gabriel Batista’s goal. On the kick, Crispim crossed, Éderson tried to head the header, and Wellington Paulista almost completed it with an empty goal. Tricolor pressure in Castelão.

But like someone who doesn’t, he takes it. It happened with Fortaleza. The tricolor team pressed and could not open the score, but saw Flamengo score. At 15, after Andreas Pereira’s corner, Pedro appeared alone and put him inside. Rubro-Negro didn’t stop there and soon made the second, at 18. Andreas hit a foul, the ball swerved on defense, and Felipe Alves swung. On the rebound, Michael hit the bottom of the goal.

When Fortaleza tried to breathe, Flamengo soon took the third. Matheuzinho made a great move on the right, dribbled and crossed for Michael to come up and head right and make his second at Castelão. Soon after, the move that practically sanctified the victory of the Cariocas. Ronald attacked Rodrigo Caio, got a direct red card and left the hosts with one less.

With the victory underway and one more on the field, Renato Gaúcho promoted changes in the team: Vitinho, Rodrigo Caio, Thiago Maia, Michael and Andreas Pereira left for the entries of Kenedy, Bruno Viana, João Gomes, Rodinei and Lázaro, respectively.

With the changes, Flamengo only managed the score to win another victory in the Brazilian Championship, reach 42 points and continue in the hunt for Galo, leader with 53, but with two more games. Rubro-Negro will return to the field on Wednesday (13) to catch Juventude at Maracanã, at 7pm, for the 26th round.