Giovanna Antonelli celebrates twins’ birthday with dream party

Actress Giovanna Antonelli celebrated the eleventh anniversary of her daughters Antônia and Sofia

The actress Giovanna Antonelli is celebrating the 11th birthday of her identical twin daughters Sofia and Pietra! To celebrate, the actress threw a dream birthday party for her daughters. The celebration took place at the actress’s mansion.

She showed her daughters in front of the beautiful party. And when showing her daughters’ birthday celebration, the actress said: “And it was like this… with a lot of color, that my loves, who teach me the most about love, reached 11! It passed fast! Time flies! Thanks always”.

Later, the actress gave more details about her daughters’ eleventh birthday. “My daughters’ 11th birthday, we are arranging a surprise, there will be a celebration for the family. And look what a beautiful thing! This little corner here, these flowers that I’ve never seen anything like. Look folks, they chose the theme pimply feet! Look at this theme, what a funky thing! How good it is to be a child! Everything is very beautiful!”, she said.

Several famous people congratulated the daughters of Giovanna Antonelli. “Congratulations,” said actor Edson Celulari. And actress Renata Neia commented: “A lot of light….joy…health and peace in the lives of Antonia and Sofia”.

Internet users were just praise for the daughters of Giovanna Antonelli and for celebration. “How beautiful! Congratulations to both of you!” commented a netizen. And another netizen commented: “Congratulations to the little princesses! What a beautiful cake”. And an internet user also commented: “The cake table is very beautiful!”.

And an internet user also commented: “It was beautiful! Congratulations girls, health is a lot of happiness”. Another internet user also stated: “Congratulations to your beautiful and beloved princesses! Best wishes for them”.

One netizen also stated: “Congratulations to your princesses, God bless you every day! Kisses”. Another internet user also commented: “The two girls are more and more like mommy! How beautiful! Congratulations to them”. And another internet user commented: “Oh, what love! And what a beautiful party!”.

Giovanna Antonelli's daughters celebrating her birthday

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