Globo fires reporter Alberto Gaspar who declares: ‘Sad to lose all this’ | TV & Soap Operas

Alberto Gaspar leaves Globo

Alberto Gaspar leaves Globo

Last week, TV Globo fired reporter Alberto Gaspar, who was 39 years old. On social networks, the journalist told his followers about his departure. The journalist is a name stamped on Globo for having been a correspondent in several countries. He was present when Israel attacked the Gaza Strip in 2008. Alberto also covered Diretas Já and the death of President Tancredo Neves.

Also reporter Ari Peixoto was another name fired with Alberto. He worked at the network for 34 years. The station also fired Luís Fernando Silva Pinto, Fernando Saraiva and Roberto Paiva recently.

The reason he points to his resignation is the digital changes that became even more intense after the new coronavirus pandemic. In addition to regretting the station’s decision, Alberto looked at the trajectory with gratitude.

“Of course, it’s sad to lose all of this, all of a sudden. And not just for me, because of the expressions of affection and certain perplexity I’ve received,” the text begins.

“I had only been dismissed once, in my life, in a small English school where I went to teach, at the age of eighteen, and I missed twice. I lived far away. Two students continued to take private lessons with me. In all my other jobs, the breakup it came from me, always because I wasn’t happy with what I was doing. That was never the case, at Globo.”

Alberto says he was unable to communicate any of his colleagues about his departure. This is because he got busy with developments and has some personal commitments.

Alberto also spoke about new opportunities and that he will not leave journalism. “I intend to continue doing what I like, and there are several ways to do that. I just don’t find any business, in the bad sense of the expression. Those who know me already know. Everything can change. The ethics of the profession that gave me so much in life, no “, shoots.

“In time: I didn’t decline the name of the people mentioned just so as not to commit injustices with the huge number of friends I made in all areas of Globo. And to whom I am immensely grateful. Much more than experience and even a work team, friends is that they are everything,” he concludes.