Guarani x Londrina: Central do Apito points out that the penalty for Bugre should have been annulled | brazilian series b

Guarani’s second goal, in a 3-0 victory over Londrina, generated a lot of complaints from Tubarão with the referee. That’s because, at the beginning of the play, the ball would have touched the arm of striker Bruno Sávio, from Bugre. The rally goes on, and Allan Victor is knocked down in the area by Matheus Bianqui, with referee Léo Simão Holanda pointing out the penalty for the team from Campinas.

At Central do Apito, referee commentator Paulo César de Oliveira indicated that the image shows the touch on the arm of Bruno Sávio. He also points out that the VAR should recommend the review and cancel the penalty, since the move is part of the same play. However, after a few minutes of stoppage and checking, the penalty was confirmed, with Bruno Sávio himself scoring the goal.

– The ball hits his arm, probably the VAR will recommend the review, and the penalty will be nullified for this infraction by Bruno Sávio, in this play. There was an infraction by Matheus Bianqui, for wearing Allanzinho, but there is a previous lack of Bruno Sávio – said Paulo César de Oliveira, in the broadcast of Sportv and Premiere.

Bruno Sávio would have touched the ball with his arm at the beginning of the play — Photo: Reproduction/Premiere

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At a press conference after the game, the coach of Londrina, Márcio Fernandes, complained again about the bid:

– At least he (the referee) was unhappy, he didn’t want to consult the VAR. we saw the bid, some things that we are in doubt in the criteria. The guy raised his hand, took advantage of the move with that, and ends up not being punished, so it’s difficult. We don’t understand the criteria. And we regret it. That moment in the game belonged to Londrina, he was in charge of the game, he could draw at any time. Then it was a shower of cold water that penalty – lamented the coach.

That was Guarani’s second goal. Before, at 10, Júnior Todinho had opened the scoring. In the end, at 46, Pablo made the third. The result put Bugre once again on the G-4’s tail and kept Londrina in the relegation zone.