Guedes offshore: deputies organize Bolsonaro silence ballot – 10/10/2021

Bolsonaro’s silence became deafening in the face of the revelation that Paulo Guedes had exiled US$9.5 million of his fortune in an offshore company founded in 2014 in the British Virgin Islands, a tax haven in the Caribbean. This Sunday (10/08), the president’s silence completes a week.

Last Tuesday, deputies from the center organized a raffle on WhatsApp. One tries to guess how many days the President of the Republic will hesitate to defend the Minister of Economy. The group brings together six parliamentarians. All voted in favor of summoning Guedes to provide clarification in the Chamber’s plenary.

The value of the bet was set at R$100. Three alternatives were established: 1) Bolsonaro’s silence will last less than 15 days; two) More than 15 days; 3) The president will not make any public manifestation of support for Paulo Guedes.

One of the more optimistic deputies has already said goodbye to the prospect of pocketing the R$600 of the jackpot alone. He predicted that Bolsonaro would bail out Posto Ipiranga in last Thursday’s live.

The other five bettors are still in the running — three have nailed the second alternative (more than 15 days); two bet that the captain will remain silent, refraining from defending his team’s main minister.

In the underground of the Ministry of Economy, Bolsonaro’s muteness causes discomfort. In the darkness of Zap’s group in the center, it became a joke. In the coming days, the deputies will pressure the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira, to set the date of the session in which Guedes will be forced to explain himself in plenary, in front of the lenses of TV Câmara.