Gugu’s daughters accuse aunt of hiding the presenter’s property

Sofia and Marina Liberato, daughters of the former presenter Gugu Liberato, who died in November 2019 from a head injury after a domestic accident in the United States, accuses his aunt, Aparecida Liberato, of hiding several belongings left by the former Record TV contract, including real estate and bank accounts. Gugu’s sister is responsible for taking care of the spoils left by the famous man.

According to the Sofia and Marina’s lawyer, they received with “perplexity” the information that there are other goods in the father’s name that, according to them, are being hidden by the aunt of the sharing plan. In the former presenter’s inventory action, Aparecida is the inventor and takes care of the goods, IPTU payments, taxes and companies until the distribution is made, when each one will take care of their part.

Rose Miriam di Matteo, former partner of Gugu Liberato and mother of the presenter’s three children, filed a common-law lawsuit. Therefore, the inventory is stopped. The sharing can only be done after the process, which will decide whether she will be an heir or not, has ended. In the middle of the family quarrel, the Gugu’s daughters were emancipated by their mother. Both are now able to make court decisions themselves.

In the petition, to which the IN OFF had exclusive access, Sofia and Marina say that Gugu’s sister said that there are no other goods “except those listed so far”, whether in Brazil or in the United States. Also according to the lawyer, Aparecida said, in the sharing plan, that there is only one immovable property and two vehicles in the name of Gugu Liberato in the United States.

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That’s not what the twins’ defense found. According to the document, “it was possible to verify the existence of several other goods left by Gugu abroad, which absurdly and clearly are being hidden by the inventor“. In the petition, the lawyer stated that the former presenter has three companies headquartered in other countries: GGL Enterprises LLC and GG Florida Enterprises LLC, in Florida, and GL LTDA, offshore the Bahamas.

Such companies, still according to Sofia and Marina’s defense, have other properties in their sets of assets, including the house where the family currently resides, also located in Florida. The document also indicates at least one more property, located in the city of Mirandela, in Portugal, and two bank accounts in the name of Gugu. They would be kept in Switzerland and the United States.

It is very strange that the administrator states in her petition that she is unaware of the other assets that were left by the deceased, and she has already paid (…) several expenses arising from the assets that Ms. Aparecida claims she is not aware of.“. Gugu’s daughters point out that the aunt is acting in bad faith, purposely hiding part of the property left by the presenter. In addition, they say she does not have the capacity to continue managing the estate’s assets.

Billion Dollar Heritage

Gugu Liberato’s inheritance is approximately R$1 billion. The presenter left gas stations, land, TV studios, commercial buildings and many other properties. In addition, he kept the amount of R$193 million in the bank. João Augusto Liberato, the eldest son of the presenter, is not represented in the petition, as he is on the mother’s side in the stable union action.

In August, Sofia and Marina had already criticized their aunt in a video posted on the internet. In the recording, they claim that Aparecida lied, that she controlled their money and that she prevented the purchase of a Porsche-branded car. “We started to distrust her, the way she talked to us“, said Marina at the time. “We thought she lied to us“, reinforced Sofia.