Images of the new remastered GTA San Andreas leak on the web

Supposed GTA Trilogy Remastered images are leaked

According to the website Viciados, leaked photos of the new GTA 3 in 1, the one that is being developed based on the trilogy: GTA 3, Vice City and GTA San Andreas. Originated from the PS2 this version is being developed for those fans who have always loved these aforementioned franchises and who definitely miss playing these Rockstar Games legends with better graphics and gameplay.

Going through a “maintenance” of graphics, gameplay and other supports remastered on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, the trilogy is being produced for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. Based on the leaked photos we can see the same character from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in a new setting, however, with the same bike that all fans who had the opportunity played on.

The rumors of GTA Trilogy Remastered got stronger when Spider-Vice, owner of GTAForums wrote three tags: “III, VC & SA”. Informant and leaker Mach1bud later claimed that Rockstar Games will reveal something important in the next 90 days.

Even if not true, this information proves that something beyond the 90s is to come. Other frequently debated news is about GTA 6 which like GTA Trilogy Remastered has not yet announced a release date.

GTA Trilogy Remastered was confirmed today by Rockstar. See images of how he got with beloved GTA: San Andreas below: