Isabela Valiero: ‘Palm trees cannot depend on some players’ – 10/10/2021

At home, Palmeiras lost to Red Bull Bragantino by 4-2, in the Brazilian Championship, on a night in which they lived with several embezzlements, whether due to injury, suspension and even summons to the World Cup qualifiers.

At Live of Palmeiras UOL, which takes place after the Verdão games, journalists Danilo Lavieri and Isabela Valiero analyzed the team’s performance with what Abel Ferreira had at his disposal.

For this duel, the team could not count on Weverton, Gustavo Gómez and Joaquín Piquerez, called up, Felipe Melo and Gabriel Menino, suspended, Danilo, Marcos Rocha, Mayke and Zé Rafael handed over to the medical department.

“I’ve heard a lot of people talk about this issue of embezzlement, especially in the defense. Palmeiras always missed Gustavo Gómez and Weverton too. However, I have the opinion that Palmeiras, being the size they are, cannot be held hostage by Two players. Do they compete in Libertadores, other big leagues, to depend on some players? I think that, if it were to be that way, Palmeiras should have a bigger baggage in reserve to make up for this lack,” said Isabela.

Danilo Lavieri agreed with the bench companion, and pointed out that there is a need for the Verdão squad to have a “a little more reliable” defender to fill the gap left — Luan and Renan started acting last night (9). He also highlighted the issue on the right flank.

“I had to have a more reliable reserve defender. If I went to the market, I would go after a 9, but there’s still a better defender for the reserve. Today there was still the specific situation of not having right-back. He put Kuscevic in open there, which alternated good and bad moments, made very complicated plays, but later passed as a full-back. He crossed, hit the assist for Dudu. It was good. The second goal [do Red Bull Bragantino] it was a little Jailson turkey, despite the detour. I defended against América-MG, but today… Very close, I thought it took me a while to react”, he pointed out.

the columnist of UOL Sport, in turn, criticized the performance of defensive midfielder Danilo Barbosa.

“Danilo Barbosa was very low indeed. He was at another pace, very slow, he didn’t hit the right move, he didn’t hit the recomposition. I found the performance very strange. In this case, Abel Ferreira who indicated, he who supports, who wanted, is a guy that I still don’t quite understand what it came from. It’s not exactly that he was largely responsible for the defeat, but if we were to rate it one by one, he would receive the worst. Patrick de Paula is also often dispersed.”

During the transmission of the Live of Palmeiras UOL, an internet user asked if, with Felipe Melo and Zé Rafael, Verdão would have been leaked the way it was against Red Bull Bragantino:

“This analysis of the “if” is difficult. In fact, Palmeiras was more unprotected precisely because Danilo Barbosa was very slow to recover. I was very negatively surprised because it was very bad. . I don’t know if it’s because there was so much embezzlement that ended up leaving him, but it was really bad. After Palmeiras had to go up, Patrick de Paula was the only man in the lineup,” replied Lavieri.

At one point, the Brazilian Championship table was presented and the columnist of the UOL Sport he stressed that Palmeiras, among the top 10, is the one with the most goals.

“Among the top 10, it’s the worst. There are 32 goals against, that’s very bad. At the same time, there are 37 goals scored, it’s not such a static attack, it scores a lot. But it concedes 32 goals for a team that even Not long ago, it was appointed as a consolidated defense, which played from the defense, it’s not possible. There are nine defeats, that’s a lot. I can’t say another word but “blackout”, the guys are distracting. They play a hell of a game against Atlético -MG in Libertadores, against São Paulo in Libertadores, and then they play a few games against América-MG, Cuiabá. In the end, you can try that positively. The Brazilian Nationals was the same, and focus on Libertadores.”

“It’s a very big discrepancy. When Palmeiras wants a lot, they can play well,” added Isabela.

The next edition of Live of Palmeiras UOL it will be on Tuesday (12), right after the match against Bahia, for the Brazilian. You can follow the live on the UOL Channel, on the UOL Placar app, on the Palmeiras page on UOL Esporte or on the UOL Esporte channel on Youtube.