Jonathan Azevedo vents and Marcos Mion bursts into tears

The day was full of emotions at the “Cauldron” this Saturday (09), and Marcos Mion couldn’t hold back the cry. Jonathan Azevedo was invited to participate in the painting “Sobe o Som” and made Luciano Huck’s replacement go to tears after a strong speech about the daily struggle against racism. During the outburst, the actor even talked about Mion’s son, then there was no way and the presenter ended up crying for good.

Mion revealed that Jonathan always manages to tear his tears, because he carries with him feelings that are capable of leaving him completely moved. The former presenter of “The Farm” spoke of the actor’s love for all those around him: “This guy has a gift for touching me every time he talks to me. Every time it makes me cry. The love you feel for life, for yours and that you share”.

Visibly moved, Rede Globo’s new hire underscored Jonathan’s affection and recognition by quoting his son: “For example, one thing you didn’t need, but insist on representing and telling me, is the love you have for my son, Romeo. Every time, you make a point of saying it so truthfully because what he needs is recognition”.

At the end of your words, Mion couldn’t even talk about so much emotion. Faced with that situation, Jonathan did not think twice and gave the host of “Cauldron” a strong hug. Still recovering from the actor’s speech, Marcos Mion heard an outburst that would make him very reflective. Azevedo spoke about the differences and how prejudice still takes so many lives every day.

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The actor insisted on disclose data that show a sad reality for those who belong to groups that are constantly discriminated against: “Every time I’m in this place, when I see a light like this, I imagine this Brazil where, every 23 minutes, a young black man dies. I keep thinking about this Brazil where the trans woman is the most murdered, the black woman is murdered”.

Jonathan Azevedo highlighted the importance of his mother and celebrated the purchase of a house for his parents: “Within this realization, which was not just mine, but that black woman who raised me. So, when I see your relationship with Romeuzão, that’s what I believe. It’s my brother I believe in, my community. I believe in what is about to build something better. There are a lot of good people in this world”.

With an emotional outburst, the actor who gave life to the remarkable character Sabiá, in the soap opera “A Força do Querer”, concluded by saying that it is necessary to praise all those who have the objective of doing good and, in this daily struggle, they already have a winning side: “We need to elevate the good people so that they believe that within this mundane war, we are going to win”.