Letícia Almeida and Juliano Laham have a leaked intimate conversation

Will a new couple come? After Letícia Almeida and Julian Laham denying the rumors of the affair, the pair was caught in a somewhat intimate conversation, according to columnist Leo Dias, from the newspaper Metrópoles.

According to him, the entire chat situation ended up being recorded by a friend of the actress, who recorded a video for the “best friends” on Instagram in which it is possible to hear Letícia and Laham talking in a video call. “You are interesting, you only have to allow yourself”, said the actor. In turn, this friend melts for both of them: “Oh, guys, I love this romance”.

Later, he asks for Letícia’s address, who apparently doesn’t say anything, and her friend says she’s going to give him everything on “direct” – the DM of the social network, or better, the chat whose name is “Direct Message” – , asking for his username. “Julian. Juliano Laham,” he spelled out.

Letícia and Juliano are currently part of the cast of “Genesis”, a Bible soap opera on Record TV. The actress’s ex-husband, Bruno Daltro, is also in the plot. They separated in September and are the fathers of Maria Teresa, aged one year and five months. The artist is also the mother of Maria Madalena, aged three years and seven months.


The “tangle” involving the actors began when an Instagram page titled “Family Case” published a note saying that the relationship between Juliano and the presenter Raphaela Palumbo had “climbed over the fence” after the actor hitched a ride with his co-star. The trio, by the way, had stopped following each other on social media.

At the time, Letícia even denied the ride when the rumor ended up on another gossip page on Instagram.

“That’s crazy without reason,” began the Asenate interpreter. “I didn’t give anyone a ride! But keep watching the soap opera that we made with so much affection for you. Thank you”, she said, using the moment to publicize the final stretch of the telenovela.

Letícia Almeida denies a ride to Juliano Laham
At first, Letícia Almeida denied that she had given Juliano Laham a lift (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @gossipdodia)

However, the profile that reported the ride said that Raphaela was on a business trip, in Fernando de Noronha, when she received, by cell phone, a notification that Letícia was at the entrance of the condominium where the presenter and her ex-boyfriend lived together on a Saturday night. It would be Leticia leaving the boy in place.

Last Friday, October 8th, the story took another turn. Through a press release, Laham confirmed the ride and also said that he was already single at the time.

“Actor Juliano Laham found himself in the middle of an unfounded controversy in recent days and we would like to clarify some points: Yes, the actor took a ride with actress Letícia Almeida. Both are friends and have recently worked together. At the time, Juliano Laham was single, that is, the relationship no longer existed.”

The most recent development was Letícia confirming the ride. She made the statement in a third page of gossip, explaining that she was afraid of the trial and attacks, so she avoided telling the truth first.

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