Lucas Lima makes a sensual request to Sandy and singer surprises with response

Lucas Lima
Lucas Lima posted fun moment with Sandy (Image: Playback / Instagram)

What was supposed to be an intimate moment between Lucas Lima and Sandy it turned into something fun, and the musician shared what happened in Stories on Instagram.

On Tuesday (05), Lima posted a chat he had with the singer on Monday (04), when social networks went off the air.

“It fell again. Send nudes”, wrote Lucas, asking for sensual photos for his wife.

Amused, Sandy sent her husband a photo of her lipsticks. “nudes“she declared. “inelegant“, stated Lima.

When posting the brief chat with the artist, Lucas said: “Sequels to yesterday’s blackout”.

It is worth remembering that Junior’s sister recently opened her heart in an interview with the Seja Seu channel, on YouTube, and talked about her marriage to the artist. In the chat, the star told about them sharing some works:

“We put our learnings and our questions in the songs sometimes. That’s really cool. There’s already been a song of mine that was born from a poem I wrote for him on a Valentine’s Day card. It was the song “Salto”. It’s nice to mix it up a bit because it brings a richness (…) Using the feelings you learn and putting it into the music is cool (…) We have a song where we deliberately decided to talk about ourselves. We consider our most autobiographical. It’s “I choose you”. We have very different personalities, me and Lucas. And we adjust to these differences. I say that we are two beaks that kiss (…) We are two ares (air sign), aquarium and libra. It’s strong wind. Very! We are forced to learn every day. Otherwise, we don’t fit in, we don’t adjust”.

The artist also explained how she tries to avoid conflicts with her partner. “It’s difficult, it hurts… I, for example, have come to understand that I’m a very pragmatic Aquarius. I have a huge difficulty with a thing called “mimimi”. We know it’s each other’s pain. But as I’m very practical, very pragmatic, to me there are things that seem silly”.

Lucas Lima
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