Luisa Mell goes to court for surgery “worse than rape”; understand

Recently, Luisa Mell vented on her social networks about a medical violence she says she has suffered. According to the activist, she underwent liposuction in the armpits without her permission. The case now goes to court.

In an interview with UOL portal, Luisa’s lawyer, Angelo Carbone, said that what happened was “worse than a rape” and that the client will seek millionaire compensation.

“Both raped her while she was under anesthesia and continued unauthorized practices and procedures, which accumulated irreversible aesthetic damage. A real crime,” said the lawyer.

luisa mell

In a live, Luisa Mell cried a lot as she vented about the medical violence she suffered

Carbone said it will seek 5 million in damages in this case. He also said that a second lawsuit will investigate whether the activist’s ex-husband had any bearing on the case.

“If the husband participated in the entire decision process, he will also need to answer for this in court,” she said.

Protective measure against ex-husband

In late September, Luisa Mell filed an urgent protective measure against her ex-husband Gilberto Zaborowsky to prevent him from reaching less than 500 meters away from the activist. The measure is based on the Maria da Penha Law.

In addition, he is also prohibited from having contact with his ex-wife and ex-mother-in-law and from going to places that are part of the ex-wife’s routine.

Luisa Mel

Credit: Reproduction/Instagram/luisamellLuisa Mell underwent reconstructive surgery in late September

Violence Monitor

According to a survey by the Violence Monitor, the number of requests for protective measures increased 14% in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year.

There were more than 190,000 requests from January to June 2021. Approximately 45 requests of this type every 1 hour. The most common types ask for the aggressor’s removal from the victim and the home and the prohibition of any kind of contact with her.