Marcos Mion is surprised and cannot hold back his tears after his son is mentioned in the Cauldron

Marcos Mion
Marcos Mion cries at Caldeirão after Jonathan Azevedo’s speech (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Marcos Mion was taken by surprise by Jonathan Azevedo during the cauldron of this Saturday (9). The guest of the painting Sobe o Som gave an emotional speech and quoted Romeo, eldest son of the presenter, who couldn’t stand it and cried.

Jonathan commented on getting an apartment for his mother and talked about the mortality of black people in the country. “I keep imagining this Brazil, that every 23 minutes a young black man dies, where the trans woman is the most murdered, the black woman is murdered. And this achievement was not mine alone, it was this black woman who chose me, Sildeia dos Santos Azevedo”, started.

Then Jonathan, who became famous for the character Sabiá in the soap opera A Força do Querer, mentioned Marcos Mion’s heir. “When I see your relationship with Romeozao, that’s what I believe. It’s my brother I believe in, my community. There are a lot of good people and we need to elevate the good people so that they believe that, within this mundane war, we are going to win”, guaranteed.

Visibly moved, Mion “spoiled” his friend: “This guy has the gift of touching me every time he talks to me, every time he makes me cry. The love you feel for life, the love you feel for yours and that you share…”.

“For example, something you didn’t need, but you insist on representing and telling me always, the love you feel for my son, for Romeo… And every time you make a point of talking about it in such a true way… ”, noted.

Crying, the Globo contractor finished: “What he (Romeo) needs is recognition, pure love, that sees through, that sees… I can’t even speak. This has to be taken to Brazil as an example for everyone. Light on your walk”.

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