Mc Mirella attacked on show by f: ‘I can’t do it, I can’t hold back’ – Famous

Mc Mirella (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Last Friday night (10/08),

MC Mirella

was attacked by a fan watching her performance. As soon as she left the stage, the singer left the venue with the help of a security guard, who couldn’t stop the young woman from throwing a drink at the artist.

After what happened, the


resorted to


to show a video of the episode. The images show the moment that the young woman throws a drink at the singer.

“Wanted to show up, let me help her”

, wrote the funkeira.

After the repercussion, she still regretted what had happened:

“I saw the mine made me drink on purpose. Do not give people, I do not know how to hold these things. It ruined my hair, p*p, I made a really expensive brush that I hate. I treat everyone well, what’s that for?”


please note that


confirmed to have already stayed with

Neymar Jr.

, star of the Paris Saint Germain. The revelation was made during an interview on the podcast


, from ex-Holiday with ex

Gabi Prado

, on Youtube. ”

Since Neymar already said, it was a secret, he spoke first than me, so now I can speak. Yes, we were already yes”

, she fired, surprising


with the information.

“I’m the one who never caught Neymar? What’s going on?”

, joked the digital influencer.

“Neymar catcher, right? Take it! You can go on the f. I think you’ll enjoy it.”

, advised the artist. During the chat, the singer revealed that the singer


already tried to be with her.

“Some time ago, Latino was a dream for girls to consume, wasn’t it, wasn’t it?

“, asked the



Then the


started talking about partners in the funk world.

“If I’m talking about direct, I think they were all, […] even more so when I became single. I went to the microphone tram”

, he joked. And he assumed that he already stayed with the MCs

Minor MR






Don Juan